How to attract girls?

Why not try?

90% of men adhere to the standard model of courtship, in which they show signs of attention to a girl for a long time, give gifts, failures, go through a lot of obstacles and, after a few months, finally do have long-awaited sex with her. Moreover, it’s not a fact that their relationship will be strong: such men are usually waited for by frequent betrayals (which they are not aware of), scandals, misunderstandings and constant attempts by the girl to drive them under an even larger and fat heel.

And all this happens because the female sex does not experience a true sexual attraction to such men.On the other hand, there are 10% of men who know the most effective model of seduction, in which you do not need to spend any money, nor energy, nor time.

They just confidently get closer to the girl, do not adapt to her rules of the game (more on that later) and make her begin to feel sexually attracted to them. And girls can easily change their boyfriends (thereby 90%) with these 10%, because the former do not cause them any attraction or respect.

What to do: to remain among 90% of men and whine about injustice or go into the "top ten" - you decide.

You see, we were inspired by a completely ineffective model of courtship, which leads to the fact that you only become attached to the girl, you invest a lot of strength, and in return you get too little.You must once and for all understand for yourself that trying is not just not worth it, but is strictly prohibited.

Because if from the very beginning you failed to attract a girl, it means that you just did something wrong. And your extra efforts in the form of courtship, gifts and dinners can only make you lose time, money and nerves. In addition, there is nothing worse than unjustified hopes.A little later we will tell you about how to prevent your hopes from being realized.

Do not try to please her!

The main barrier that separates 90% of men from success is the desire to please. In part, they want to like those 10% of men. Only the first hope that they can do this due to the fact that they adapt to the ideals of the girl.

However, in practice it happens that if a guy adapts to a girl, then he doesn’t do anything. Do not seek to solve this phenomenon. Just remember that the main thing is that on an instinctive level a woman is able to feel attracted only to an uncontrollable man. Uncontrollable not in the sense of a psycho. :) By uncontrollable is meant one who does not change his beliefs and desires under the influence of her will.And the more you act correctly, the worse it will be for you. Because she will feel your desire to adapt to her, and take it for weakness.

On the contrary, try to be immediately ready to lose. This will relieve you of emotional stress, and you will begin to communicate with her more relaxed.Start enjoying the process. Watch how the "bad" guys behave. Try to behave the same way. Read some articles on our website where we give tips on seduction strategies and try to apply them.

When you learn to enjoy the process and remove the dependence on the result, a lot in your personal life will change. Believe me, many people on earth can risk huge amounts of money, their lives. Therefore, to risk a girl who can never give you is a very simple task.

The risk turns your seduction into an exciting adventure.

Moreover, it is often necessary not just to take risks, but to behave in exactly the opposite way. At a time when she will try to subordinate you (you will not notice this, if you have never engaged in seduction), you will force her to play by your rules.

So do not be afraid to do as she would like the least. Do not fulfill her requests, if she will ask you about something. If you even help her in the initial stages of seduction, you will immediately become a comfortable friend. And then you can forget about the real sexual attraction on her part.

And most importantly - do not adapt to its conditions. For example, if you propose a meeting in a certain place and at a certain time, she can offer her own version. In the case when she is really busy (with work), you can agree to her conditions (although even in this case it is quite dangerous). But if she definitely will not work at the time you suggested and explain this to another “employment”, then in no case do not agree to her version.

A little later, when you manage to really interest her, you can begin to agree to her terms more often. But not always. And if we are talking about the first stages of communication, then this is definitely not worth doing. If you can persuade her to your conditions, then seduction will accelerate several times. Verified!

"The syndrome of one woman"

If you have a girlfriend and you consider her special, unique and inimitable, then do not rush to conclusions.When there are too few girls in a guy's life (which is the norm for 80% of men), he starts to appreciate each of them too much. Any even just a pretty lady becomes a goddess for him.

And it begins to manifest itself in his behavior.It would seem that there is bad when a man treats a woman like a goddess?But not everything is so simple: if a man treats a woman like that, then his value (as a sexual partner) automatically drops. She feels that he has few girls (men who do not experience "hunger" will not treat the girl like that), and concludes that this is no accident.

Yes, and the man himself begins to make stupid mistakes caused by "the syndrome of one woman." How to solve this problem? The only way: start seducing several girls at the same time.Each of these girls will think that you are not obsessed with her, and will feel the presence of rivals (which will only fuel her interest in you).

Yes, and you yourself will be more sober towards each of them. You will not depend on them emotionally. And seduction itself will happen quickly.