December 4, 2023

Case: 11 646 $ profit in content arbitrage in Italy

Hey there! Today we want to share case with you! It deals with news campaigns and traffic from the MGID ad network with a monthly turnover of more than $ 40 000.

Case data ↓

News showcase: LuckyFeed

Traffic source: MGID

GEO: Italy

Period: July, 01, 2023 — July 31, 2023

Total leads: 5 921 (CPA) + 772 (Push) = 6 693

Ad Spend: $ 41 482

Gross revenue: $ 53 128

Profit: $ 11 646

Why MGID? Because with good whitelists it can offer high-quality traffic at a reasonable price, so we opt for this source when working with Italian news — this is what Olga from LuckyFeed recommends us to do.

We picked up quite a large geo because we love working with big volumes. The 5 categories we selected were: Useful tips, Cuisine, Events, Show business, and Health. For every category we submitted 5 news articles, for every article we used 10 teasers to run tests.

The tests took us about 10 days and were held only on mobile traffic with standard settings which you can see on the screenshot below.

The tests were launched manually and with great caution in order to avoid budget waste and not to pause the bundles which perform well. Then we disabled categories which performed under 50%.

So we spent about $5 000 on the tests.
Based on the results only 2 categories were left: Useful tips and Cuisine.

The ROI was about 20%, which is quite good. Then we decided to increase the volumes, so we added desktop devices and launched 2 more campaigns with different teasers for every news article.

Our campaigns were affected by one external factor: Silvio Berlusconi, an Italian billionaire and ex-prime minister, died on June the 12th. It was broadly discussed for more than a month, so we decided to test a few relevant approaches.

The one which performed best was: «scandals, intrigues, investigations»: how Berlusconi's inheritance is being shared.

With this piece of news we reached top-1 in delivery at a price of 2 cents. «Great job!», — I thought. But the real success was achieved only within a week, when the teaser got to top-1 in delivery at a price of $ 0,0129. The two categories — Useful tips and Cuisine — supported us with volumes.

The only thing we had to control was to stay on top — and we succeeded.

As a result, we got tons of traffic at a low price which has been converted into $ 11 646 of profit.

Here are the data excluding push-traffic:


  • The best approaches to get traffic include celebrities. They reach wider audiences and at lower prices. To avoid poor-quality traffic it is important to weed out younger audiences with teasers in the same way that we did with Berlusconi in the given case.
  • When working with high volumes, a part of the ROI is worth being spent on testing new approaches and bundles. The market is constantly changing, so one should be flexible and adaptive in order to be competitive even when the prices increase.

In case you also work with big traffic volumes, do not hesitate to test the LuckyFeed showcase if you still haven’t. Their website can be found here.

Good luck everyone!