Things to consider while school branding

A Brand is essentially a name that can hit a chord with the right audience in a relevant way. A successful school brand does not happen like lightning. Years of trust, reliability, and legitimacy are what build a brand organically.

Education, at any time, is the root of life. Education aims at holistically developing an individual as opposed to only the academics part of it. For a school to emerge as a distinct identity and grow into a successful brand, school branding ideas plays a vital role. We have brought down a few factors which can shape and influence a brand and its identity.

Brand name & identity

It is the most important thing for a school to come up with a name & logo that is in sync with its values, vision, mission, and ideologies. The brand name of the school and logo are decisive factors in creating a distinctive identity in any sector. The visual identity includes not only the logo, color schemes & other symbolic representations like school prospectus design but also the built area, campus, infrastructure, etc. These are particularly important in creating a school brand, getting people memorable with the name and logo. In the end, a school brand is created not by a designer, but by the people who are invested in it!

Branding across various media

Before jumping into the school branding in various mediums, it is important to have a brand style guide. The style guide is the orientation document which lays down the proper usage and application of the logo and other design elements. It should be noted that fonts play a considerable role in showcasing the power of a school brand. Fonts for schools need to signify the credibility, strength, and authority. Also, all the marketing collateral including the brochures, pamphlet design for school, have to maintain consistency in messaging.


The website is one vital component of branding your school online. It has become a primary point of contact for existing or future students or even alumni. At any given point, anyone who visits your website can have the entire information about the school, offerings, USP, history, affiliations, accreditations, etc. With 360-degree views of the school campus being made available on the websites, the students and parents can take a campus tour virtually. That’s why having a good website maintenance services for your school’s website is important.

Picking the right target audience & reaching out to them

Your school brand’s identity is your first impression. For a school to establish and become a brand, it needs to be clear about ‘what it wants to say to the world’, and the message given out through different mediums. The influencers for a private school include current students, parents, alumni, and staff. Investing in school branding ideas can achieve far-fetched results for educational institutions. Contact the right branding consultants and hit the ground running, today!