October 8, 2020


Manual for using software for mailing MADGRAM

Purchase - @ madmaxacc2

Madgram software, designed for sending messages from accounts that have difficulties in working with InstaAccountManager.

This software allows you to send up to 20 messages from your account in one round.


1) File UserAgents - Specify the path to the file with user agents, there must be more of them than accounts. The set includes a selected file for 340k + user agents , you can find them if PROFILE folder which goes with software

2) The file with the proxy - proxy must be in the Login: Pass @ IP: Port format in HTTP, if you have a proxy in the socks5 format, then this must be specified in the proxy type field.

The number of proxies must be greater than the number of accounts.

If not enough, duplicate!
We recommend using rotary IPV6.
Please note that Proxymania does not work in this software.

3) Accounts - must be in the Login:Pass format, Aki in the store is in the format with Cookie (here is the regular schedule for cleaning in NotePad ++
\|mid=.*(?=\ r\ n)

4) Used (Файл использованых) - we save accounts after use to restart them.
The file of used accounts - it is advisable to write to a file with the name of the date and time of the beginning of the script, in order to understand when the accounts were last used

5) Threads - the number of simultaneous accounts in the work. It is recommended to use 10-20 streams (depending on your internet speed and hardware power).

6) Number of accounts - from how many accounts you want to send a message

7) Messages from account - how many messages to send from one account. Recommended 15-17, but you can up to 20

8) Domain - your link in the message, the place where you want to insert in the message is designated as ***DOMAIN *** and will be replaced with the domain you specified in this field. More details in paragraph 16.
Domain in the format -> www.site.com

9) Account for verification - It is entered in the ID format and the script periodically sends a message from a random account to the specified account

10) Check after how many messages the message will be sent to the verification account .. If you do not need this option, set a high value "Check after" 10000000000

11) MID - cookie file included or you can generate your own

12) Error- the file where those IDs are saved to which, for various reasons, the message could not be sent. Used if you need to go through the base completely.

13) Banned - accounts that were banned during work

14) Victims - List of IDs to which to send mail.

15) Names - a set of names that comes with the kit and is inserted into the text for its uniqueness in the text is denoted as ** NICKNAME ***

16) Surname - a set of surnames, included in the kit and inserted into the text for its unionization in the text is denoted as *** NICKNAME ***

The output will be names like MilaSmith1990
15-16 is for Dating niche

17) Spam text - each space is followed by +, and line breaks% 0A,% 3A - for a colon. You can also insert variables *** NICKNAME *** (generates a random nickname) and *** DOMAIN *** adds the specified in the domain field

18) Passwords here insert the password file that comes with the kit or make your own according to the example

19) Checking checkpoints -set as 2

20) If the first launch and you need to load the avatars, then you need to set TRUE, and if you do not need to load, FALSE

21) Coupon - a function for wholesale buyers from 50k ak per day, no need to touch if you are not

22) A folder with avatars, the software uniqueizes them by adding the account name to the photo, if you think you need more uniqueization, run them through Xnview
here is a video and article on the topic