November 2, 2020

This is everything you need to know about food boxes

The trend has probably not escaped you: food boxes have become extremely popular in Belgium in recent years. Yet you may still wonder: is this something for me? Marley Spoon is happy to explain more about how it works!

What is a food box?

A meal box contains everything you need to cook nutritious and healthy food at home. Every week you choose the tastiest recipes from our menu and decide for how many people you want to cook. You will then receive all the ingredients at your home, including handy recipe cards that allow you to put the dish on the table in 6 simple steps.

What is the best meal box in Belgium?

The great convenience of a meal box is that you get everything you need in one box delivered to your home! This way you save yourself the trip to the supermarket, where you also have to wait in line for a long time, and are not always sure of the quality of the products. But what makes Marley Spoon special compared to other food boxes?

20 new recipes every week

Let yourself be inspired every week by our menu with 20 changing, varied and creative recipes from our menu. We ensure that there are always dishes on the menu that you like. Thanks to our recipes you will discover new flavor combinations and cooking techniques, which will also come in handy later in the kitchen! And because of the handy instructions, everyone is a chef.

Flexible delivery

Not at home for a while? With Marley Spoon you can easily skip an order if, for example, you are away from home for a week or have made other plans. We can also deliver your box to the neighbors or at work on request. You can also visit Makhanawala

Fresh ingredients

Our ingredients make your food box special. We guarantee the tastiest products for your meal, preferably organic and homegrown. Because good ingredients mean healthy food.

No food waste

In addition, we combat food waste by packaging all ingredients in exactly the right amount, so that after cooking you do not have to throw anything away or have to throw it away, while in the supermarket you often buy more than you need.

What are we eating tonight?

Marley Spoon recipes are developed by our chefs and nutritionists. Our menu consists of five categories: meat & fish, vegetarian, child-friendly, simple & fast, and healthy recipes. Are you on a special diet, or are you looking for a vegan meal box? No problem! We also offer low-carb and low-gluten recipes, and have at least two vegan options on the menu every week.

Are you tied to a subscription?

At Marley Spoon we work with a flexible membership. This means you can always skip a week and pause or stop your membership whenever you want. You can adjust this up to 6 days before the delivery day via the app or in your online account. But of course we assume that you like our dishes so much that it does not stop at one box!

How can I order a Marley Spoon box?

You can order a food box in five simple steps:

1. Select your meal box

You choose from our different types of meal boxes . That means: how often per week you cook with us, and how many servings you want to receive.

2. Enter your address

We deliver your food box at home in Flanders and Brussels. Let us know at which address you want to receive your order!

3. Delivery

Choose a delivery day and select the time window in which we can deliver your box. Keep in mind that you can adjust this up to 6 days before the delivery date.

4. Choose your dishes

Now comes the best part! You can choose your Marley Spoon recipes for your next week's foodbox, and plan up to 8 weeks in advance. Do you want to know what is on our menu before you register ? Here you will find our recipes for the coming weeks!