February 13, 2020


Description :

Malegra 100 mg is a high standard preparation used as a dealings with for erectile dysfunction (ED) and assists male to achieve a solid erection. FDA Requires Malegra 100mg along with also the very well-liked remedy to treat ED. Many studies demonstrated its efficacy and security. Countless somebody select Malegra 100 to overlook Erectile Dysfunction. Malegra 100 comes into effect quite fleetly, and you want just 30-50 minutes to begin enjoying the very best sexual confront with your spouse


Use :

Sildenafil Citrate medicine is most useful in erectile dysfunction in men. for the erection of penis is most responsible flowing of blood by using the Malegra 100mg tablet. This medicine is not protect against HIV and gonorrhea, and also in a sexual transmitted disease too. in case of use condom for protection. Use of practice latex condom, for do better sex.


How to take MALEGRA 100 MG Capsules ?

First of all, it is essential to note that you should only take one dose of Malegra within 24 hours. Taking Malegra is super easily; just make it with a glass of water. usually the medicine would start to work within 30-50 minutes. But in some instance , it has also been seen to start working within 15-30 minutes.And the excellent news here is that the effects of this healthcheck can last for as much as up to 4-5 hours.


How Does MALEGRA 100 MG Work ?

Malegra 100 belongs to a group of medicaments known as PDE5 inhibitor. To learn exactly how the pills works, it is essential to explain the physiological procedure of erection. The enzyme PDE5 or phosphodiesterase type-5 deactivate cyclic GMP. By inhibiting this enzyme, tablet malegra improves the amount of cyclic GMP and thus enhances erection. The main advantage of Sildenafil and other PDE5 inhibitors is that is works only in the presence of sexual stimulation meaning that it resembles the natural mechanism of erection.


Side Effects :

In addition to its intended effect, Malegra 100 medicine may source  some unwanted effects too. In such cases, you must seek medical attention instantly. This is not an full-scale list of side effects. Please inform your physician if you experience any adverse reaction to the healthcheck.

  • Headache
  • Stomach upset
  • Vision problems
  • Dizziness, Diarrhea
  • Light sensitivity
  • Flushed skin and rashes

Dosage :

The proper dosage of Malegra 100 is based on many cause.It is important to look into every aspect that controls the dosage before actually prescribing the healthcheck.The most necessary factor that pressure the dosage is the honesty of the patient to the MD.You have to tell your MD exactly about the symptoms that you are facing.This will tell him exactly what dealings with will suit you the most.

Malegra 25 mg

Malegra 200 mg

Malegra 50 mg

Malegra 120 mg


Warning :

  • If you suffer from low blood force or high blood pressure, do not take this drug.
  • If you have had a heart attack within the last 90 days, do not use this medication.
  • If you are above 60 years of age, use this drug with care, as there may be side effects.
  • If you suffer from kidney illness, do not take Malegra.
  • If you have an allergy to Sildenafil, do not take this medicine.
  • If you have had a stroke within the past six months, it is not at all judicious to use this medicine.

Storage :

Keep out of the reach and eyesight of kids.

Store in the original package, in order to keep secure from moisture.


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