August 5, 2020

The best eBook reader of 2020: which one to buy, comparison and guide to choose

Despite all the romance that accompanies the world of paper, the truth is that digital reading continues to advance for several reasons: the possibility of carrying many books with you, comfort, lighting, adjusting the size of the letters. Looking for a model, here you will find the best ones.

It may generate a lot of reluctance in some people, but the truth is that when you jump into the digital book, you rarely go back . If you are thinking of buying one of these devices, we have prepared a list of the best models that you can find at the moment on the market .

We continue with another acclaimed Amazon eReader model. In this case, the screen is a bit smaller than the Oasis screen, at 6 inches, but again with a resolution of 300 dpi . It does not have navigation buttons but it does have a touch screen, as well as spectacular battery life on a single charge.

It is also waterproof, so you can read with it without problems on the beach, the pool and even in the bathtub. On the other hand, comment that it also has a built-in light (not self-regulating), less powerful than that of the Oasis (5 LEDs vs. 12 LEDs), but more than enough to read comfortably.

It has a capacity of 4 GB (while the rest already offer a minimum of 8 GB) and a touch screen, although the integrated light is missing so you will not be able to read if you do not turn on any light. It also has wifi and 8 font sizes to choose the one that best suits you, in addition to several weeks of duration on a single charge.