October 30, 2020


The candidates aspiring for the UPSC Examination get confused before selecting the stream of exams from IRS, IFS, IES, IPS, and IAS. This article will be discussed about prospects of being an IAS and an IES for an engineer. IES is a specialized form of exam for selecting the filtered candidates with knowledge of engineering as an added feature. This article shows the right path for engineer aspirants.

Role of an IES officer

IES officers cover technical aspects related to government duties concerned with manufacturing details, construction, building, power, telecommunication, public works and so on. IES officers might have to look after on-field business of workers if needed extra supervision or information to be collected for submission to the government. IES aspirants must be well-equipped with the knowledge of engineering. IES officers must know about managing engineering-related kinds of stuff along with administering.

Role of an IAS officer

IAS officers need to be organized and administrative at work. An IAS needs to be diligently active in almost every administrative aspect. It might be related to the state and centre both. IAS gets posted in allocation with the respective cadre. IAS has to be versatile in work as a field of work might change in some years as one gets reposted to new areas of administration.


The eligibility criteria for both exams (IES and IAS) are different. IES has some special engineering-related papers in the Mains exam. IAS syllabus and IES syllabus only resemble in the Prelims Exam syllabus. Other eligibility criteria are almost the same for aspirants. For IES it is necessary to be an engineering graduate. So an engineering graduate can choose both paths: IAS and IES.

An engineer being an IES

When an engineer turns into an IES officer, he or she gets more power to observe, control and administer the areas. The concentration of subject knowledge is an added power for engineering-related administrating issues. IES is such a designation where an engineer can implement and apply his or her knowledge. An IES can flourish the knowledge concerned with engineering to the utmost level while administering other issues at the same time for providing appropriate service to the government.

An Engineer being an IAS

If an engineering graduate opts for an IAS cadre option, the aspirant will have to study more about those seven papers of the mains exam. The selection of optional paper might be tricky for the candidate. The would-be IAS might have to study more than other aspirants who are coming from other disciplines as subjects are new for an engineering graduate. So, it is not impossible to be an IAS being an engineering graduate, but it is will be a vast preparation for the candidate.

Nature of service

An IES deals with technical and engineering-related fields only. But an IAS deals with administrative work related to state and central. An IAS might have to be more versatile in respect of work culture rather than an IES.

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