Top 5 Ranked Caribbean Medical Universities in United States

by @manchovick
Top 5 Ranked Caribbean Medical Universities in United States

Students look for a med school in which they can not only study with full peace of mind but the one that offer them excellent facilities and high standard of education. There are a number of factors that can be termed as critical when you go for a med school admission. You need to be aware of many aspects in this concern as there are many things you cannot look away from.

One of the most important reasons here is that you need to be sure of the admission dates and how long the process will take without this you cannot proceed further. The following list in this blog is based on the factors mentioned-above and exactly what you need to know here in this concern to be able to apply to a top-ranked med school easily.

1. Windsor University School of Medicine

Located in the beautiful island of St. Kitts, Windsor university is located in a picturesque part with a lavish campus that is spread across several acres. The campus is laced with several factors that are top-notch to say the least and the best amongst all of the Windsor University School Of Medicine. So, let’s get started here.

Windsor is the premier university when it comes to offer excellent facilities and standard of education to the students, from not just the ones residing in the Caribbean region but also from US, Canada and several other countries. It offers a 1.5-year pre-medical program and a 4-Year MD program. The tuition fee, an important factor is also quite affordable and at just $4,900 it is very low when you will compare it with any of the top-ranked med schools in the US or Canada and students who can prove they are really sharp or deserving can get a scholarship of up to $500/semester.

The admission process of Windsor University is really fast and the best part in this concern is that you can apply for an admission here 3 times throughout the year in January, May and September. The ratio of students to teachers is quite low and that’s why teachers are able to offer personalized mentorship, tutoring and offer support through student organizations. The best part is that it offers clinical rotations for its students in not just US but also Canada, Puerto Rico and Jamaica to name a few. Also, the residency match success rate is quite good Windsor University School of Medicine. So, that’s another reason that students look for.

2. St. George’s University

Located in Grenada, St. George’s University is amongst the best universities when it comes to field of education. It is offers some of the facilities offered by the top medical schools in the region,

but in the caribbean medical school ranking, it comes at a distant second as there are many facilities that only Windsor University offers. St. George University also offers clinical rotation program and it is one of the best reasons why students go for this med school.

3. Ross University

The campus of Ross University is one of the most beautiful one among all the medical schools in the Caribbean region. It has a modern look and leave students who see it for the first time in total awe. It’s a private university based in the Dominican Republic and arguably the best. A great stat about Ross University is that many students who study here are able to get a license in the US and is one of the reasons why students go for this med school.

4. American University of the Caribbean (AUC)

AUC is located in Saint Maarten and is part of the Netherlands. There are few factors you can associate with AUC that attract the students in hordes like its faculty of medicine which meets the standard of a good med school. Modeled on a US med school, it is among the most prominent ones and probably the best one when you consider several facilities available here.

5. University of West Indies, Mona

Located at Mona, Jamaica, it is amongst the most prominent med schools here in operation for the past several years. Other factors in its favor is that offers a great career for its students in the field of pharmaceuticals. It is currently in the process of expanding its infrastructure and will start a new research facility at the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Final Word

You can easily see from the list above that Windsor University School of Medicine is the top destination for students in the Caribbean region. If you want to know more about any of the universities listed here or if you think that there should be another name here replacing a current one, please speak up. Please use the comments section below in this concern.

April 25, 2019
by @manchovick