November 1, 2020

Is PPC Worth It? | Pros and Cons of PPC Marketing

Today, people are getting smarter and so do businesses because no one wants to waste their time in the market when you have a global market in your Smartphone. Now talking about businesses and start-ups they went for the online presence before installing a physical setup. This helps them to analyze that people are using and getting attach to their products & services or not. Sometimes people are getting more attached to the online services and don’t prefer to use those services offline. This is the best benefit of starting a business online.

But before starting and after releasing your products and services you have to make sure that your website gets a good amount of traffic because you are new to the audience, grabbing their attention, and putting your brand name in their mind is important for the growth and development. You cannot depend fully on organic traffic at the starting because no most people prefer going with the settled brand and what they are using for a longer time. The best way to get traffic from Google is PPC marketing, it will blow your brand’s name trumpet on search engines. Let’s talk more about PPC campaigns.

What is PPC?

Pay per click is the most commonly used platform all over the world that boosts the traffic graph on your website. Best for the newcomers, you can create attractive landing pages, and by connecting it with the advertisement in order to make your brand name viral in the world. It appears on the top of the search engine result page and when someone clicks on it, they will be redirected to the landing page you have set while creating an advertisement.

Here you will pay for each click that is what PPC stands for, pay per click. The cost per click is a factor that shows how much you will be charged on one click.

It depends on the keywords you choose, demographics, and type of ad you choose. It is the budgeted, measured, and highly positive result-oriented way to target the audience.

The best thing you will get while using PPC marketing is that you can run your ads by setting a budget every time. This way you will get better results in your budget. It allows you to generate higher revenue at a lower investment.

As we know the technology and operations are made to keep things convenient and at this platform, you can easily run your business online and skip the optimization process. PPC has many benefits but at the same time everything has its drawback but not more than benefits, means you can ignore the drawbacks if you understand the benefits and see its benefits in your business.

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Pros of PPC

·       Immediate action

If we talk about SEO, it takes time to reach out to the people who are targeted but PPC will attack the people from the first day of launching ads. If your business is new and you don’t want to wait for the longer period them instead of going of SEO you can opt for the PPC and get the results at the speed of light. In less than 24 hours you will see the results on your analytics page.

·       Budget friendly

As mentioned above you will only be charged when someone clicks on your ad otherwise it will not cost you a single buck. This will help you in maintaining control of your advertisement budget. When your ad budget will be finished once, without your permission Google will not show your ads. Ads will be on the run again when you fill-up the budget again. To check your budget for ads you can easily go to your account and make an eye on the whole process.

·       Guaranteed result

We are very well known to the fact from starting that PPC allows you to generate faster results. If you have started a new business, PPC will help you in getting results in just a few days by reaching potential customers. PPC campaigns give higher positive results in less investment. Google ads give you a pack of all the things at one place, also give the preview feature so that you can see how your ads will work on different types of devices whether it’s a phone, PC, or a tablet.

Cons of PPC

·       Traffic is not equals to conversions

Many businesses get their objective complete by running PPC campaigns but some of them require conversions and in PPC, conversion rates are very less for a new business. If you want some better results optimization is the main thing you can do to get some amazing graphs. Want to convert traffic into sales? You have to target the keywords that a group of people actually search and your keywords should match your business too.

·       Every visit count

Invested in Google ads? and analyze that only a few of many converts into sales then this would be a bad experience. No one misses the chance of window shopping and this happens on online websites too. People come, see, and just exit from your website but you have to pay for it because it’s pay per click. Before put hands into PPC your keyword research should be stronger and you should have a great landing page that attracts visitors.

·       Need expertise

If you think you can run ads for your business by seeing videos on the internet then this is the biggest mistake you are going to do. You need to be expertise in PPC or hire one because you can run a PPC campaign on your own but you cannot get the successful results after investing a part of the money in it.

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