August 4, 2020

What is ED Psychological? And, What to Do with It?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is when a man cannot get an erection hard enough for sex. This may affect self-confidence or cause. Undue stress in your relationships. Causes of ED can be medical or age-related – but many men have psychological erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is a situation that affects many men—and not only those advanced in age. It has two primary causes: Physical and Psychological Causes.

Most of the erectile dysfunction causes in men under 40 to begin due to their mental state only. These days’ men are also anxious about losing their loved ones due to this pandemic, COVID-19. The rise in stress and anxiety has brought more misery in the lives of people. But as we know that there is nothing that cannot be cured. So, we bring you the best solution for psychological erectile dysfunction.

A scientific study states that countless men suffer from ED, out of which up to 20% of the cases account for Psychological Erectile dysfunction. It has two primary causes:

· Physical causes

· Psychological causes

What is Psychological Erectile Dysfunction?

Psychological ED, on the other hand, is often activity-specific and happens mostly concerning partner sex.

For an erection to happen, the nervous system, blood vessels, changes hormones, and emotions of a man must be in sync. A man’s failure to perform in bed or to maintain an erection can debilitate him as it majorly affects his self-esteem. Any disruption or glitch in these factors can result in Psychological Erectile Dysfunction. Erections in men widely fall into three categories:

· Reflexive Erections – obtained due to physical stimulations.

· Psychogenic Erections – remembering the visual imagery may trigger a psychogenic erection

· Night-loving Erections – the erections that occur during sleep at night.

Factors Causing Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Are we looking for effective ways to treat Psychological Erectile Dysfunction? Here we go. These shared lifestyle difficulties will help you get better sexual stimulation and eventually better erection. Let’s name the best ones now.

Low Self-Esteem:

A man’s lack of confidence in his capabilities can memorialize the thoughts of low self-esteem in his mind. Avoiding psychological erectile dysfunction becomes much tricky in such a situation.

Stress and anxiety:

Stress is man’s biggest enemy. Stress and Anxiety are somehow two interrelated terms. It is kind of a vicious cycle in which when a man gets trapped, the escape becomes hard. Stress in life can be due to many causes, like, financial crisis, work related, family pressure, unstable relationship, and a lot more. During stressful situations, stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline in the bloodstream. The primary function of these organs is to impending danger. When the brain of a man tries to keep him safe, it does not send the correct signals needed for an erection.

Pornography Addiction:

A man’s brain's ability to respond to sexual stimuli is majorly affected by a man’s addiction to pornography. In such cases, pornographic videos become the dominant sexual incentive and fail to return to sexual activities.


It is crucial to assess medical and biological factors included in the genesis of sexual dysfunctions. It is the worst state of a man’s life, filled with feelings of hopelessness, guilt, irritation, and frustration. The lack of energy and changes in the nervous system majorly sways the sex drive in men. Keeping all the scientific facts aside, it is naturally challenging for a person to engage in any sexual activity when he already feels rejected by all other aspects of life. New methods were introduced, like Internet-administered techniques, and ‘mindfulness therapy,’ and they proved useful.

Relationship Problems

Whenever you and your partner go through rough patches in your relationship, it can be challenging to feel safe and trust each other. Getting into that mental and emotional headspace required for satisfactory physical intimacy can be extremely hard, and can prevent you from responding to each other’s sexual advances.

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction Solution

How to understand the state of psychological erectile dysfunction?

Many times, people commonly ignore the situation of Erectile Dysfunction. It is a condition that a majority of men face at least once in their lives. It is to be noted that the failure to maintain an erection even once can't be unreasonable. If not treated seriously in time, Ed in men becomes more frequent. To know about psychological causes, introspection is most important. The 3 main questions that you must answer to yourself are:

Q1. Do you get morning erections?

Q2. Can you achieve an erection while masturbating?

Q3. Can you maintain an erection during sexual intercourse with your partner?

If your answer to Q2. Is yes, but you cannot maintain erections with your partner, you have psychological ED causes. If you can obtain an erection while masturbating, it proves that your body is physically capable of holding an erection. In such situations, you can always avoid the consumption of drugs to cure your condition.

Looking for effective ways to treat psychological ED? Here we go. These shared lifestyle difficulties will help you get better sexual stimulation and eventually better erection. Let’s name the best ones now.

• Meditation: It is undoubtedly the best way to promote mental relaxation. When it comes to erection problems, even meditation can help by boost reduction and uplifting mood.

Looking for Effective ways to treat Psychological ED?

• Yoga and Exercising: Yoga is India’s one of the unique art to promote mental health. Performing yoga on an even basis will not only progress sexual health but overall health situation. Even regular exercise can help boost sexual health as it is recognised to promote circulatory health.

• Healthy Diet: Like with any case, proper diet plays a vital role in balancing one’s sexual health, eventually get a permanent and robust erection.

• Avoid Smoking and Alcohol: The habit of burning and alcohol intake can stimulate brain senses and may type it hard for you to get excited.

These are some shared psychological erectile dysfunction fixes that can help you perform sexually well. Indeed, some medications can help with human erectile dysfunction. Let’s conversation a little on them.

Erectile Dysfunction Medications:

Like said, ED medications can help with Erectile Dysfunction or Male Impotence too. We are successful in mentioning some powerful pills that help treat the erection function problem. These medicines work by cumulative blood flow to penile tissues and ultimately help grow good erection. Most Useful ED Drugs is like, Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Vardenafil), Stendra (Avanafil).

  • Viagra (Sildenafil)
Viagra (sildenafil): Viagra is a leading FDA approved ED drug, which contains sildenafil citrate. It reduces blood vessels, increases blood flow, and eventually helps achieve a better erection. Its ideal dosage is Sildenafil Citrate 200mg for severe cases of Erectile Dysfunction. Even there are selected good generic drugs like Fildena 100 and Cenforce 100, which can be used as Viagra other.
  • Cialis (Tadalafil):
Cialis (Tadalafil): Cialis is an additional approved medication known for its long-lasting efficiency for up to 36 hours. Containing Tadalafil, it increases blood flow to the penis for a firm erection. Indeed, Tadalafil is available in several dosages from Vidalista 5 mg to Vidalista 60 mg. You can choose a dosage depending on your need and health state.
  • Levitra (Vardenafil):
Levitra Oral Jelly (Vardenafil): Watching for a more efficient ED medication? Levitra containing Vardenafil is a must pick. It is available in dosages from 10 mg to Vilitra 40 mg, and you can choose a suitable one. However, it is recommended to go for the optimal dosage to avoid consequences.These are some useful medications established to cure erectile dysfunction by relaxing blood containers for better blood flow hence a firm and lasting erection.
  • Stendra (Avanafil):
Avanafil is a new and comparatively fast-acting erection-inducing drug. They all belong to a class called 'PDE5 inhibitors'. Super Avana looks as though it will be a useful addition to the small range of existing erection-promoting drugs. Avana 100 Price very great and cheap in our AllDayGeneric Pharmacy.