August 5, 2020

Why is Python so popular in machine learning and AI?

The concept of traditional programming is changing over a period of time. In the past, we used to rely on a bunch of codes and our apps didn’t have the adaptability features. But things have changed a lot with the recent advancement in technology. Just with the help of cookies, we can collect user information and provide much more relevant data through websites and applications. With the development of machine learning and AI technology, apps are developing a unique ability to respond to their needs.

Before we disclose the key reason behind the popularity of python in ML and AI, we need you to understand the concept of Machine learning and AI. ML is a unique feature of the modern software coded with special language which enables them to modify their internal coding through the collection of user information. In short, the program can develop itself without the requirement of extensive coding from the human program. Just like ML, AI which stands for Artificial intelligence has the ability to make program smart. This means the program can interact with the users and develop improve its response over the period of time.

Popularity of Python

Python is very easy to learn yet one of the most powerful programming languages in today’s world. Due to its diversified libraries, frameworks it has gained huge popularity. Wring smart codes and equipping the program to make an intelligent decision is not so easy. But with the help of python, you can implement complex logic with simple codes and take help from different libraries like Panda, Numpy, Theano, etc. Possibilities are endless when you start using python in Machine learning. When it comes to AI or artificial intelligence, adaptability to multiple platforms makes it one of the best languages in this sector.

Use of python in AI and ML

Programs are getting faster and smarter every single day. It can respond to our needs and present valuable information to save our time. And this is possible due to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Let’s find some of the key reasons why Python has gained huge popularity in these two sectors within a short period of time.

Easy to learn

The first thing which comes into the mind of a novice programmer, how hard it is to learn python. Those who have learned C knows very well the complex nature of programming language. But this is not the case for python. This language is built with the command which is very easy to learn. Most importantly, you can get solutions just by seeking help from the experts in python related forums. Skilled programmers are always sharing knowledge and this can be very useful in AI and ML. In short, you will get great community support when you start to deal with the python language.

Visualizations of the data

In AI and ML, its imperative the use of smart codes that can be readable from the normal users. Unlike any other programming language, Python doesn’t rely on complex variables or command lines. In fact, an amateur can also get a clear hint by reading the functions of a python program. And such features are very crucial when you start to deal with the deep learning process. In fact, python has opened the door of new possibilities due to its platform independence nature. No matter which platform you chose, you can come up with simple lines of codes and develop a complex algorithm.


By now you know why python is widely used on AI and ML. Getting into the work of complex programming with a bunch of complex syntaxes and the limited number of frameworks limits the development scope. But in python, you will never face such barriers. Though the programming language is a little bit heavy compared to C or other popular languages most of the modern computers have enough processing power to deal with the simple codes written in python.