May 5, 2022

DEFY Project Review

On the background of the growing hype around Move-2-Earn, more and more projects in this direction began to appear. Recently told you about the pioneer of this direction - StepN, today we will talk about no less interesting project called DEFY. We'll try to paint his prospects, as well as make a small review of the game process.

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Table of Contents
What is Defy

Tokenomics and funds

Why is DEFY needed at all?

NFT in the game

Second Mint

Further Development

Short overview of Alpha

How to earn FCOINs




Advantages and Disadvantages


What is DEFY

The essence of the game in DEFY is that you walk around in the real world with your feet in the game app, hack towers, get wallets, which then also hack, and thus get in-game tokens, which can then be exchanged for on-chain tokens.

Tokenomics and funds

The main cryptocurrency of the game is $DEFY. The total supply of $DEFY is 2,500,000,000 tokens. They will not be burned and will not be printed out. Some tokens have already been received by investors. For them, the price was 1 cent per token. There will be a public sale in the next month at $0.045. This is also the price the admins rely on when they talk about rewards.

DEFY was put in by some pretty good guys who would hardly invest in something they didn't understand.

The distribution of tokens is quite interesting.

The team and funds get as much as 40%. Naturally with lokas and linear splits, but it seems like a lot to me. But on the other hand, for in-game rewards and treasures is also allocated quite well. Very little is allocated for IEO.
Tokens for partners will be locked for 18 months after investment, after which two years of ownership will be issued quarterly for two years.
The team pool will be locked for one year and then issued quarterly for the next two years.

We can see from the graph that there will be very little $DEFY in circulation before the beginning of 2023 - less than 20%. Therefore, I think it will be realistic to see a price of $1 per $DEFY. It also raises the motivation to farm it in the game.

DEFY and FCOIN tokens

In game we have 2 token's: Fcoin and Defy coin


This is a basic token that will perform utilitarian functions - in-game pumping of your NFTs, buying items, voting in the DAO.

Defy coin

Project coin which we farm to earn cash, and also can be convert in Fcoin to pump your account.

NFT in the game

At the moment there is only one kind of NFT in the game - the so-called Virtual Personal Mask, or VPM for short. So far, two types of masks have been minted, and both types are Genesis:

DEFY Genesis Masks
DEFY x Phantom Galaxies Genesis

In addition to different attributes and rarity levels, the masks contain N number of tokens. The rarest with ~1000 tokens. You can't see this on OpenSea, but you can check through smart mask contracts.
Go to the smart contract of the masks of interest:

Genesis Masks
Phantom Galaxies Genesis

Click Contract -> Read Contract and look for the field "13. getRemainingBondedTokensForMask". Enter there the number of the mask of interest. The result is the number of DEFY tokens the mask contains.

The masks that exist now are one kind of premium masks, which will give players various privileges. After the release, it will also be possible to play for free by creating a free mask at registration.

Future NFTs to be introduced:

Trading game assets
Virtual private masks (check)
Evolution of avatars
Personalized drones
Customizable virtual AR spaces

As you can see, a lot of interesting things. Who do you think will get early access and other perks from the new NFTs? That's right! The owners of the premium masks.
The most interesting thing, among other things, for us - it's land. You'll be able to buy a plot and get a % of the FCOIN (in-game token) that other players have collected from it. So far, to be honest, it is not clear how this will be implemented. After all, if you just divide the Earth into plots, as it is now, there will be millions of them. So for now, the concept with lands needs to be finalized.

Further Development

In general, the developers plan to grow to the level of AAA game, introduce AR in the game, as well as create a new type of games Learn-2-Earn. As they say: "We want academy graduates to get a scholarship. How do they see this and are they going to implement it? It's unknown yet, but it will be interesting to see.

How to play in DEFY

Let's run through the process of the game, which is now available to the owners of the masks.

So, the main task now - go in every day, hack towers, collect purses and get FCOINs. Then pour the FCOINs into the common pot, converting into DEFY tokens.

How to start playing DEFY

Step 1. Go to the OpenSea website - and buy mask whatever you like.

Step 2. Go to discord and pass the verification on the serve, connect your wallet on which you buy mask and in the channel open a subchannel alpha-updates there will be a link to download.

Step 3: Download MetaMask app on your phone. It will need you in next step's.

Step 4: Create an account in Defy app.

We recommend sign with Google.

Then chose your nickname .

After it you need to connect your wallet to app.

You will see new window in MetaMask.

After you connect your wallet will available next turn .

If you follow the guide now you can chose your mask.

That's it, we're in.

If there are several masks, you can play each of them.
Getting ahead of ourselves, our main goal is to get as many DEFY tokens as possible during alpha. Since, in my opinion, it's pretty easy to do now, and in the future, getting them will only become more difficult. You can get up to $100 of DEFY tokens in a day with one mask. To do this, you have to collect5000 FCOINs and swap them into the "common pot".

The operatives who send the most (top 25%) FCOINs during alpha will get $500 in DEFY tokens. And the calculation is not for 1 account, but for 1 mask. That is, those who have played from the first day and hit the maximum, for example, with 3 masks - will receive $ 1500. At this point, you have to get into the first 125 players to get the reward.

How to earn FCOINs

To do this, in the menu we open the map, which resembles simply google maps. Only here we see a big green button SCAN. Press and hold it to start scanning the area. Scanning consumes 5 energy. In total, each mask has 100 energy (this is the maximum charge), +1 energy is restored in 1 minute.

After scanning the area we see around us honeycombs or hexes, in the center of which are towers. These are the towers we will break into.

Breaking into the tower also requires energy of -10 units. If you could not hack, you lost them for nothing. Therefore, I advise you to hack Medium level towers. On the difficulty/reward ratio - they are the best. Low-given too little, High-can be hacked, but may not succeed + rewards are not much more than in Medium, and the Maximum difficulty while impossible to hack.

The process of hacking looks like finding a number in a matrix of size N*N.

As a result of a successful hack, we will see yellow circles on the card - these are purses. It is necessary to enter the circle and just "collect" the purse. This takes 5 energies. There is nothing to hack yet. Purses are visible as long as you are within the boundaries of the hex. If another operative is in that hex, he will also see them. At least you broke into the tower, not him. Purses must be collected within one hour or they will disappear.

After collecting all the wallets, you must exit the hex to unblock the hacking wallets. They must change their status from Unbanked to Banked.

There are two types of wallets in the screenshot. The lower ones you can already start hacking to get the tokens.

You also need to spend 5 energy of the mask to start decoding.

The hacking process itself is a game of "Three in a Row", where we just need to score 64/128/256, depending on the difficulty of the wallet, points. There is no time limit.

As a result of a successful hack we get a random number of tokens. For Medium it is between 400 and 600. Whether it depends somehow on how fast and well you played the game - it is unknown, but it does not feel like much.

After hacking all the available wallets in the menu, see how many FCOIN on your account. If you have accumulated 2500, then go to the section Pledge and fill the button "Add FCOINs to Pledge" icon to the end, then Slide to Pledge.


As in any other type of investment, the reader is responsible for all possible risks. The author of this article shall not be liable for possible losses from investment decisions made by third parties based on the information contained in this article. In preparing this article, information from public and official sources was used, the information is current at the time of this publication, which is May 6, 2022. The author is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in the above sources.



How long will the payback take

All depends from token price and hype around project, and of course from you

Is Defy a scam ?

We think no, because animoсa in business

Where to buy a token Now you can't buy token, just wait for list.

Advantages and Disadvantages


All in all, the game is worth your attention and is quite interesting. It reminds something of Pokemon GO, only with a slightly different gameplay and story. A very big plus that it is already at an early stage, looks good and interesting, developers do not pull the cat by the tail and do everything in time, according to the roadmap. In the course of the alpha tests have released several updates, fixed bugs, constantly in touch in discord, listen to feedback from the players.
Everything looks pretty good and beautiful. Even the recent cinematic trailer is done at a high level. If it keeps going like this, it's going to be a very cool project.