Waterjet Cutting Machinery Market Revenue to Record Stellar Growth Rate During 2025

Manufacturing companies and workshops utilize advanced machines such as waterjet cutting machines for precise and accurate cutting of work pieces. The waterjet cutting machine is a new advancement in the cutting technology. The key element used by waterjet cutting machine to cut thin or thick materials is water. On the basis of the technology used, the waterjet cutting machine can be categorized as pure waterjet cutting machine and abrasive waterjet cutting machine. The pure waterjet cutting machine uses a jet of water with high pressure to cut thin, porous, or soft materials. The abrasive waterjet cutting machine uses the mixture of both abrasives and water for cutting purpose. Comparatively, the abrasive waterjet cutting machine is more powerful and effective than pure waterjet cutting machine for cutting harder materials such as steel, titanium, and others.

The key advantages for using waterjet cutting machinery are: it is able to cut any material such as copper, aluminum, ceramic, stone, mild stone, brass, glass, and quartz; during the cutting process no dust or harmful particles are emitted and it can cut materials of any shape. The another advantage of using waterjet cutting machinery is that it cuts the materials without producing excess heat, hence useful in cutting heat-sensitive materials such as textiles, leather, composites, stone, metals, paper, rubber, foam, plastics, tile, glass, food, and other materials. The growth of the automobile industry has driven the global market of waterjet cutting machinery. Some of the other factors that are driving the market growth are the high amount of fragmentation in metal working industry, manufacturing industry automation, and the government initiatives to promote the small scale industries. The factor that hampers the waterjet cutting machinery market growth is the high utilization of water and its availability.

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Among the geographies, Asia pacific region is anticipated to be the dominating region for the water jet cutting machinery market owing to its rapidly increasing automobile industry. Additionally, increasing industrialization because of economic growth in the emerging markets such as India and china are expected to drive the market in the Asia Pacific regions. On the other hand, there is an increase in foreign investments in the countries such as India, Brazil to develop the automobile manufacturing plants that in turn is enhancing water jet cutting machinery market. Moreover, North America leads the global water jet cutting machine market owing to heavy demand from several core end users.
Segments Covered

The global waterjet cutting machinery market is segmented on the basis of technology, application, product type and horsepower (hp).

Global Waterjet Cutting Machinery Market by Technology
Pure Waterjet Cutting
Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Global Waterjet Cutting Machinery Market by Application

Defence And Aerospace
Metal Fabrication

Global Waterjet Cutting Machinery Market by Product Type

3D Waterjet Cutting
Micro Waterjet Cutting
Robotic Waterjet

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Global Waterjet Cutting Machinery Market by Horsepower (HP)

Between 0 To 50 Horsepower
Between 51 To 100 Horsepower

Company Profiles

Hypertherm, Inc.
Shape Technologies Group
Koike Aronson, Inc.
Resato International BV
Jet Edge, Inc.
OMAX Corporation
Colfax Corporation
Bystronic Laser AG
WARDJet, Inc
Dardi International Corporation

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