May 2, 2019

Global Nanotechnology market: Key Trends shaping $163.3 Billion market to 2025

The 2019 analytical research work on Global Nanotechnology Market identifies miniaturization in electronics for improved compatibility and processing speeds, investments in nano-scale materials for medical, life sciences and other applications, increased abundance of nano devices and nano tools are among the prominent trends set to shape the future of nanotechnology market globally.

Semiconductors and Consumer Electronics Account for one-Fifth of global market value in 2018

Semiconductors and Consumer Electronics are the leading applications for Nanotechnology, accounting for 20.4% of demand driven by increasing R&D investments worldwide.

The future of Semiconductor and electronics market is further driven by new technological advancements in Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), compressible processors and chipsets.

Over the forecast period to 2025, Semiconductor quantum dots will be incorporated in multiple devices including lasers, LEDs, detectors, electronics, and fundamental quantum physics as by epitaxial methods or colloidal chemical synthesis methods. Accordingly, most nanotechnology companies are focusing their R&D efforts in the sub-segment.

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Nanomaterials segment attracts wide interest from vendors and buyers, reporting a growth of 17.9% CAGR to 2025

Development of different types of Nanomaterials to cater customized demand from multiple industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, automotive and other industrial applications will be one of the major near term trends.

Metal based Nanomaterials are increasingly favoured by cosmetics industry as efficient ultraviolet blockers. Photonics, Medical Bio imaging, telecommunication are the key applications where quantum dots Nanomaterials are being deployed. Composite Nanomaterials & Dendrimers are also engineered to demonstrate multi-functionality attributes.

Graphene and carbon nanotube-based materials are increasingly preferred for lighter and stronger structures.

Streak of developments revamping Nanotechnology market towards green technology

Increasing shift towards green technology will provide strong support for companies investing in nanomaterials, particularly in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the US.

Silicon Nano particles are largely adopted in electric vehicle applications, catering in safe and Longer-Lasting features.

Nanotechnology products are eco-friendly having low VOC and are free of heavy metals.

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Large funding channelized for versatile sector sets accord for Nanotechnology market

During 2018, 15 new nanotechnology companies gained funding for nanotechnology R&D activities, most of which are focusing on life science engineering sectors-ontogenetic, Systems Metabolic Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Digital Genome, Immune engineering and others.

The U.S government allocated $1.4 billion for the National Nanotechnology Initiative. In addition, private investment is estimated to be around $1.5 billion. Canadian governments also have invested more than $640 million in nanotechnology research over the past decade.

Australian government funded $36 million for the nanotechnology manufacturing research. China owns the largest number of nanotechnology based patent applications and the government looks forward to fund both small scale and large scale projects across diverse areas including Nanomaterials, Nano equipments, Nano energy, Nano catalysis, and Nano medicine.

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Over 1000+ companies and institutes are researching on Nanotechnology

·        The National Epitaxy Facility, the UK provides speculative research on high quality Semiconductor Epitaxy for custom designed structures and devices across a range of materials including InAs, InP, dilute nitrides, Sb-compounds and GaN.

·        To improve the diagnosis speed, researchers at MIT developed nano particle based technology

·        Researchers from University of Trento & Kiel are using ceramic scaffolding in the development of new composite materials made of carbon nanotubes for increased stability and improved conducting performance.

·        Stanford engineers develop tiny light detectors that work like gecko ears which are structured nano wires and have the ability to provide real time robotic vision, photography and augmented reality.

·        Bruker launches new Dimension XR family of scanning probe microscopes.

·        Iran builds machine to purify wastewater using Nanotechnology.

Key players

·        3M Company

·        Arkema Group

·        Quantum Materials Corp

·        Showa Denko K.K

·        Nanophase Technologies Corporation

·        Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

·        Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.

·        Bayer Material Science

·        Cortex Biochem

·        Cypress Semiconductor

·        Everspin Technologies

·        Fujitsu laboratories

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