May 9, 2019

Insect Pest Control Market Is estimated to reach $26.2 billion by 2025 | OGAnalysis

The 2019 updated version of research report on Global Insect Pest Control Market identifies top ten trends that influence the overall market growth. Reproductive explosion of highly resistant insects, outbursts of epidemic and high risk insect-prone diseases, environmental degradation, sudden climate changes and global warming conditions all together create potential opportunities for insect pest control market across different geographies.

In addition, dynamic changing socio-economic trends such as growing urbanization augmented with compact housing units and growing purchasing power of individuals also drive the market towards exceptional growth margins.

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Organophosphorous insecticides dominate the global insect pest control market with around one-fourth of total market size

Growing threat for insect carrier disease is driving the market demand for the global organophosphates and is primarily opted for the mosquito control in public places, residential lawns, horticulture and botanical gardens owing to its properties of rapidity and effectiveness.

Organophosphorous compounds like Pyrethroids (chrysanthemum) are witnessing growth, augmented with wide adaptation of rotanone, abamectin and ivermectin insecticides as harmless insect repellents all contribute to OP compounds’ market share.

Growing demand for green and eco-friendly alternatives enable the segment to report highest CAGR in global insect pest control market over the forecast period

Bio-rational materials that are relatively non-toxic and have little negative impact on the environment are an important area of focus in the research. Pheromone traps, insect growth regulators and Second-Generation Green Products are being researched.

Advanced economies such as the US, Europe, Japan and South Korea are increasingly shifting towards biological control measures over rising concerns about chemical insect control techniques.

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Spray application is widely used insecticide forms among household insect pest control markets

Sprays, Electric vaporizers, Mosquito coils, Baits and Others are the primary types of insecticides used in household markets worldwide. Sprays are the largest form of application of insecticides, accounting for dominant market share, followed by electric vaporizers during 2018.

Termites remain the largest insect problem worldwide and drive the global insect pest control market

Termites control market is profound in North America and Asia-Pacific regions and accordingly, the companies marketing their products in these regions generated significant revenue during 2018.

Termites are prone to cause damage to door frames, kitchen cabinets, staircase and wooden flooring and others and the global market is anticipated to emerge rapidly by 2025.

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Key Companies operating in Global Insect pest control market

•                   BASF SE

•                   Bayer AG

•                   FMC corporation

•                   Syngenta AG

•                   Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

•                   Adama

•                   Rentokil Initial Plc

•                   Ecolab

•                   The Terminix International Company

•                   Rollins, Inc.

•                   Arysta LifeScience

•                   Nufarm

•                   AgNova Technologies

•                   Dow AgroSciences

•                   Anticimex Group

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