December 11, 2019


Do you know why hell’s kitchen is one of the most sensational spots in midtown Manhattan? Hell’s kitchen is the place you will find the most sought after Mexican restaurant in Manhattan-Vida Verde. Nothing brings more pride to hell’s kitchen neighborhood other than this spectacular Mexican rooftop bar. Vida Verde offers you everything from a fun-filled tavern-vibe all the way to delicious delicacies and some of the most sought-after signature cocktails. While you find the originality of the bar quite alluring, they have tasty Mexican inspired delicacies.

You can start out with the delicious Ceviche or explore Chef Hugo’s special food curriculum that brings you everything fresh from the guacamoles, tacos, tortillas to other delicious Mexican food. With a focus on Mexican delicacies, Vida Verde brings you originally inspired Mexican dishes using original ingredients found in Mexico, while you can always enjoy the tasty Mexican meal, Vida Verde also brings you a foreign selection of dishes which comprises sea food, chicken skewers and other popular selection of dishes. While you have everything at your disposal, Vida Verde adds more spice to your experience, they offer you sensational signature cocktails such as bad policy, Vida Verde and other craft cocktails.

The Vida Verde is mostly celebrated for its cultural appreciation, with a focus on Mexican culture, the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant offers you an original Mexican setting that will leave you captivated, the bar has sassy changing colors and original Mexican graffiti art that will captivate you. You can enjoy a late night food at this restaurant or make provisions for a private event, this cocktail bar is well known as one of the best corporate holiday party venues in NYC that offers you the best of everything that ranges from conduce spaces to corporate event catering services and more. While using the services of a corporate event planner new york can be quite daunting, Vida Verde provides you with everything you need for a sensational event in midtown. They offer you the perfect event space Manhattan for a birthday event, wedding occasion and other private events.