Mario Kart Tour Rubies Generator Mod for iOS/Android Online

The free-to-start Mario Kart Tour pulled up to the start line on iPhones and Android devices on Wednesday, bringing with it a pricey subscription option. The Gold Pass , which costs $4.99 a month, lets you access 200cc mode, extra in-game rewards for racing and exclusive bonus goals. It's also the same monthly price as Apple Arcade , which gives you access to a library of over 100 games, many of them exclusive.


At present, Mario Kart Tour is a rather good experience (and moreover free), despite major server problems and a gameplay with a finger not very accurate, not to mention this bidding information on the screen , not always very clear … The game is not quite finalized yet since the modes Challenge, Friends and Multiplayer are not yet activated. Obviously, like any good mobile game, the game offers daily bonuses, just to force players to launch the application every day.

At the shop, which you can unlock after beating the first cup, you have the option to buy a Gold Pass at a reasonable price of $4.99 per month. Subscribing to the Gold Pass gives you extra benefits as Lakitu explains. As a bonus, you'll be able to race as 200cc. At the time of this article's date, first-time users will have a two-week free trial. Also, the Gold Pass includes Gold Gifts, which are better characters like Metal Mario, new karts, and more rubies. You can earn badges from Gold Challenges along the way.

The idea of a Battle Pass-like system in Mario Kart isn't necessarily a bad one, if the price were right. But whereas Fortnite is a wildly popular and established shooter across multiple platforms, Mario Kart Tour is an unproven mobile spin-off of a console game. At $5 per month it actually costs slightly more than a Battle Pass, which lasts 10 weeks for $10. It's also more expensive than a Switch Online subscription ($20 per year) and matches the price of a subscription to Apple Arcade ($5 per month for access to roughly 100 games).