South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: 3 steps for ensuring your dog’s safety in the park

by @marybellgrimes
South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: 3 steps for ensuring your dog’s safety in the park

Raising a dog as an added member of the family can be a life-changing journey. From being an adorable and little animal into a strong and huge yet dependable and loyal pet is something you will really look forward to each day. Your dog can also be your best friend where you can watch TV together, eat your favorite foods or simply play around your house. But you and your dearest pet should take some time to go outside as well to enjoy different scenery.

Take your dog for a walk and go into a park, and South Bellmore Veterinary Group can assure you that both of you will definitely have some fun and relaxation time. Together with your dog, take advantage of the good weather, fresh air, green grass and trees, and the beautiful flowers in the park. But enjoying the park’s setting is not enough, you should also add some activity that will let your pet play, exercise or socialize with other animals and people. Expect to see changes in the physical and mental conditions of your dog if you’re going to do those kinds of activities often.

As the owner of your pet, it is your responsibility to make sure of the healthy condition of your dog whenever you’re going to the park. You need to conduct proper supervision to protect its well-being. Think of it as if taking a child to the playground where you will let him or her play around but you’re also keeping an eye on his or her movements.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group prepared this post to help you better protect your partner each time you decide to go to the park together. Make sure that your dog is safe all the time, and it is also living the moment and genuinely having fun.

Step 1: Keep away from distractions

You don’t want your pets to get lost so better keep the majority of your attention on them. Don’t let anything caught your full interest and be absent-minded on your responsibility. You must not lose track of their movements so always keep your eyes on them. If there’s an unexpected or foul incident, watch the body language of your pet and calm their behavior if necessary. If you notice some animals or people were bullying your beloved dog, then leave your current spot and transfer to another side of the park and enjoy different things instead.

Step 2: Leave your dog’s toys at home

While carrying toys with you might become an issue, you can still bring tools necessary for some basic training of your dog. Incidents regarding fights because of toys were sometimes the case for dogs and other animals at the park. Some may like the toy of your pet and then become possessive over it and a fight may arise because your dog might become overly protective over its plaything. You might witness tug-of-war or worse, a wrestling between them. Don’t wait for the incident to become severe and stop their playtime once your notice unwanted behaviors like neck biting, excessive barking, pinning another dog down, or snapping at other animals.

Step 3: Provide proper medication

Nowadays, different diseases and parasites roam in our environment. We can’t avoid the fact that with the innovative changes happening to our surroundings, it is also giving birth to things that could threaten the health of both humans and animals. But with the right medications, you can maintain and protect the good health of your pet and keep them away from harmful pests or diseases. In the case of your adorable puppies, it is advised to leave them at home until they got all the needed vaccination shots. On your grown-up dogs, see to it that they’re up-to-date with their vaccinations.

Go to your vet and seek his professional advice about the proper vaccinations needed for pets that often go outside. This can help your pet have a good shield against dangerous bacteria such as Bordetella and Leptospira bacteria.

Going to the park can create little yet fun adventures for your pet. But always remember that having fun outside also requires you to safeguard the wellbeing of your dog and with this post, South Bellmore Veterinary Group look forward to a safer trip of you and your dog to the park next time.

January 17, 2018
by @marybellgrimes