Steps and Product Options to Protect your Family from Mosquitoes

Whether we live at home or we travel somewhere abroad, prevention of mosquito bites is important to reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases. You will find mosquitoes in various places and often we cannot recognise when we get infected from them. We can take certain steps to protect our family from mosquito attack or at least their entry to our home, which detailed below in this article.

Drain out still or standing water

We should always drain any still or standing water from around our villas. Water is garbage buckets, birdbaths, and in any other container where water is collected should be drained to stop the mosquitoes using it as a breeding ground.

Throw away unwanted items

Throw away unwanted items like old tires, bottles, cans, broken materials, and unused appliances reduces places where mosquitoes hide.

Empty and clean pet water bowls

Always empty and clean your pet’s water bowls as well as birdbaths every day.

Wear protective clothes

If you are going outside at the time when mosquitoes are active, you should always wear clothes that cover your body such as long pants, long sleeves, socks, shoes, etc.

Prevent entry of mosquitoes through physical barriers

By following the above steps we can reduce the chance of mosquitoes’ breeding around our homes. However, if they are still a nuisance we can look for various mosquito nets and mosquito mesh to be installed on our doors and windows to keep mosquitoes out.

As we all know, mosquitoes in and around our homes is annoying along with being dangerous in many parts of the world. It’s unfortunately impossible to kill or remove all the mosquitoes around villas in Abu Dhabi or Dubai so we need to install protective mesh screen barriers to stop them entering our homes.

We can opt for various mosquito mesh options to cover our windows and doors. When it comes to Abu Dhabi, you will get various options for mosquito mesh to protect your loved ones. You can choose mosquito net in Abu Dhabi for a comfortable nights sleep as one of the most common areas to install the mesh is over your bedroom doors and windows. This allow you to sleep with your door and windows open during the beautiful cool times of the year.

It is also important to look for quality screen options that will last a number of years in the harsh UAE weather while also looking great on your Abu Dhabi villa. These mesh types are also know as flyscreens, mosquito nets and insect mesh and all are designed to protect you and your family from unwanted bugs entering your villa.

Ventilation is an important factor for our homes to make them hygienic. Here you can get screen door Abu Dhabi, which will be installed alongside the existing door to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and other flying insects while still allowing fresh air and sunlight in the house. There are many dealers in Abu Dhabi that supply a variety of fly screens, screen door, and mosquito mesh or mosquito net. The quality of these different screens various and checks with your local provider the options available along with the quality of the mesh. Currently the highest quality mesh is a polyester manufactured in Italy which is commonly used on pleated door and window screens.

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