What this quickshortcutmaker apk actually does

Every app made by developers has a purpose to serve the user.  Quickshortcutmaker apk was made for giving access to the user to make shortcuts for the hidden apps. Time when you run the apps, this will crawl the secured scripts from your phone OS.It will allow you to make a shortcut of your hidden apps. This particular app will give you access to rename the shortcut, customize the font, and change the icon style as well.

Exciting Features of This Apps

Group by Features: 

Generally, we don’t use all the apps frequently installed on our smartphones. Instead, we have some common apps that we open to using frequently. But searching these apps manually and using these is a little bit monotonous. Quick shortcut maker can handle this hassle as your assistant. It will shortlist your frequently used apps by tracking your app user behavior and make your life easier when you are passing a busy day. You can access this feature from the “activities” tab on the home screen of this app.

No Root Permission Required:

We want to express this point as one of the exciting features of this app. The reason behind this, the app interferes with the sensitive access of your smartphone.  As a smartphone user you know, the app that needs sensitive access to the phone also needs the root permission as well. But surprisingly Quick shortcut maker apk latest version doesn’t need such kinds of permission.

The process of enjoying this app is “install and go”! We will cover the installing and using process of this app. So, get engaged till the last line of this article as you want to get value from this article.

Advanced Search Engine: 

This app is not only limited to the group by shortcut feature as we mentioned above. You can manually make a shortcut of any hidden apps you want on your home screen. But searching for these apps manually is a little bit boring. This app has advanced search filters to find out what app you want to make fun of! 

List your favorite apps:

As we mentioned above, we don’t use all the apps that we install from the play store. But we have some favorite apps that we use regularly. Quickshortcut maker introduces you to do that. After opening this app, you will find a dedicated tab mentioned as “Favorites” next to the activities tab. All your apps will be visible over there what you will select as your favorite. 

Super tiny file size:

Last but not the least, to enjoy all the features that have been briefed above, it will consume only 2.01 MB of storage for the latest version. Yes, we know the app was last updated in Feb 2014. But it can serve seamlessly as what we described to you.