February 10, 2020

Global Transformer Oils Market, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2023

Transformer Oil Market Overview:

The global market for transformer oils can be seen rising up to a valuation of USD 4,002.8 million by 2023 with an impressive 8.63% CAGR between 2015 and 2023, which has been considered by Market Research Future (MRFR) as the forecast period. Transformer oil can be defined as an insulating oil that acts as a coolant in an electrical transformer. The manufacturing process of the transformer oil creates demand for crude oil that needs a proper fractional distillation process. These oils are popular for their ability to provide better di-electricity, excellent resistivity, high thermal conductivity, prevent power loss, and provides chemical stability.

The major driver providing thrust top the market for transformer oils is the increasing number of power grids in the Asia Pacific region where developing countries are investing much to capitalize on the growth. Industrial reforms are creating this demand for power. Also, the surging population in urban areas and the development of new urban spaces are promoting the demand for constant power supply. In addition, the transforming lifestyles are promoting high ingress of high-tech electronic devices that can be taken into consideration that can trigger better growth for the transformer oils market growth.

Transformer Oil Market Segmentation:

The market reading of the transformer oils relies on a segmentation that includes type and application. Inclusion of various potential factors with the ability to provide a tailwind to the growth of the market and proper value and volume-based analyses are empowering the outcomes of the segmentation.

By type, the transformer oils market share can be segmented into bio-based oil, paraffinic oil, naphthenic oil, and silicone oil. The naphthenic oil has better growth potential and it can surge from its present 48% market share to a new height with increasing transformer oil sales revenue.

By application, the market for transformer oils can be taken into consideration on the basis of a study of small transformers, large transformers, utility & others. Increasing demand for power and its uninterrupted supply is expected to promote the intake of transformers oil.

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Transformer Oil Market Regional Analysis:

The global transformer oils market analysis report on the has included Asia Pacific, North America, Europe as major contributors. The market would witness a moderate rise in the Latin American market and the market from the Middle East & Africa (MEA).

The global market is getting led by the Asia Pacific region where countries ike India and China are promoting growth. Growth in the intake of grids to supply power to the rising population in urban areas and industries can back the market proceedings in the region. The regional market has a coverage of around 37.63% of the in 2016, and the CAGR would be 10.57% during the forecast period. India and China are showing high possibilities for growth. China’s industrial development can inspire growth.

With 30% market coverage, North America has the second position in the market. The regional market would find the US and Canada as leading revenue-providers. In Europe, the market would be similar as several market dynamics are quite common.

Transformer Oil Market Competitive Landscape:

The market for the transformer oils can find better growth opportunities with the tactical moves initiated by various companies. These companies are included in the MRFR report for a better understanding of how the market is going to fare in the future. MRFR’s analysis includes Calumet Specialty Products (U.S.), Nynas AB (Sweden), Ergon Inc. (U.S.), PetroChina Company (China), APAR Industries Limited (India), Cargill Inc. (U.S.), Sinopec Group (China), Hydrodec Group Plc. (U.K), Valvoline Inc. (U.S.), Engen Petroleum Limited (South Africa), Gandhar Oil Refining (India), San Joaquin Refining (U.S.), and others. The tactical moves initiated by these companies can impact the global market substantially.