January 3, 2020

Sex toy or partner? The difference that makes lifelike sex dolls

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Today we will talking about the topic of sex toy or partner? The difference that makes lifelike sex dolls.

Since the real sex dolls arrived at the Market they have become an important part of the lives of many people, so much so that they have fully integrated their routines to make these lifelike sex dolls have a special and important place in them.

They were created with a particular purpose.

There are those who think that these real sex dolls work to fulfill a single purpose of serving as a company for a masturbation session, however, for others this relationship is a bit more complex, since the link goes far beyond the sexual.

Having the perfect partner at home is a simple task.

The lifelike sex dolls can become objects that are physically close to reality, but in this aspect there are those who think that they have perhaps created a link with them,  Best China Dolls Suppliers in fact there are cases of those who have called them the “perfect companions”, and the best thing is that they can decide what this “partner” looks like without worrying about other aspects.

Having real sex dolls is a fairly common practice since in all parts of the world a high percentage of people have one waiting at home; it is also common to find those who claim that they developed an emotional bond with the dolls.

In some places it is more common to hear certain stories.

In Asia it is very common to find cases in which men consider lifelike sex dolls as their partners, we can also observe these cases in other parts of the world, where men share their homes and their lives with an inanimate but precious sex doll, we can even find those whose imagination is higher and even invent a complete story around the existence of their new partner.

We know that the emergence of these dolls was due to the carnal needs that some men had in certain situations and that they had to satisfy them in a very practical way. Currently, it seems that these dolls have managed to surpass this mission.

More and more people are able to create some kind of link with these dolls, thus assuming an attitude a little different from the one that most people have regarding them. Many of these people create a severe dependence on these inanimate objects, treating them as if they were real women, so they try to attend to what they believe their “needs” are, this is how they start a relationship with these dolls.

Some men publicly express their bond with their sex dolls, and see it as a normal routine to perform certain activities with them, for example cleaning them, they also comb their hair, make clothes changes, have a space in their bed (in non-sexual terms) , among other things.

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Many people worry about the development of this type of relationship between a man and an object, they fear that in some way they may completely lose their contact with reality. On the other hand these people are completely unconcerned and ensure that this type of relationship is much more beneficial than others.

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