September 2, 2019

SPB Latest News: One Firm Onboarding is here!

Hello everyone from the heart of Saint Petersburg!

Today 26 newcomers successfully embarked on training journey into McKinsey ToolKit and the cultural heritage of the city on the Neva River!

During an intense professional program our participants will immerse in McKinsey Values and Mission, learn how to enhance their problem-solving skills, get the most out of team-work and communicate more efficiently. They will also deal with real McKinsey cases, take part in role-playing games and face the challenges of team work.

Meet our super-faculties: Yury Troshchenko, Igor Stepanishchev, Maria Mazo, Alexander Kravchenko, Natalia Kostenko and Daniel Mair (Prague).

Evening activities promise to be highly exciting: breathtaking cruise along the city canal and a chance to see some of the contemporary art masterpieces. Stay tuned!

We wish all the best to our OFO participants. Good luck and have fun!