November 2, 2020

Time To Kick Insomnia With Yoga For Better Sleep

Most of us find it quite challenging to fall asleep peacefully and many-a-times we find ourselves turning and tossing in bed trying to catch up to our broken slumber. Studies have shown that more than three-forth of the world population suffers from insomnia, which is nothing but the inability to fall asleep.

The good news is that yoga for better sleep helps you in regulating your sleeping patterns. The practice of yoga does not necessarily have to be energetic or too extreme, it can also be gentle and soft. In fact, some of the most advantageous benefits come from practicing gentle yoga poses.

Taking out a couple of minutes to practice yoga for insomnia just before you call it a night, making yourself and body comfortable is important when you are trying to unwind yourself by the end of a hectic day.

Outlined below are the topmost yoga poses that will make you say good-bye to the issue of insomnia.

6 Best Yoga For Insomnia Asanas

Uttanasana [Standing Forward Bend Pose]

Start by standing with your feet almost 6 inches apart. Lift your arms and stretch them over your head while keeping them parallel. Slowly and gently take them forward while bending your torso towards the ground. Try grabbing your toes a bit if possible. Gradually the tension in your hips, legs, hamstrings, and lower back will start releasing.

Apart from making you get rid of headaches and insomnia, practicing this pose is a great way to reduce the levels of stress hormones and anxiety. Just keep in mind, while you are performing this pose, keep your knees a bit bent, so that your legs don't feel the unnecessary strain.

Halasana [Plow Pose]

This pose is one of the best-recommended poses if you want to fall asleep quickly. All you need to do is lie down flat on the ground and pull your legs over your head touching the flat surface behind you. While you are doing this pose, your hands must either hold your back or relax on the floor right beside your waist.

Halasana is an excellent pose to make your spine supple and your lower back flexible. It improves your digestive system and assists you in having a healthy sleeping pattern.

Balasana [Shishuasana]

This particular yoga pose will surely remind you of your childhood days. Balasana is one of the oldest and the most popular yoga poses known to work on your overall body. It mainly focuses on stretching your lower back, hamstrings, shoulders, and spine. Additionally, Balasana makes helps you in sleeping better and improving your nervous system.

Viparita Karani [Legs Up The Wall Pose]

This one is a very simple yet effective pose. It requires the support of a wall and offers relaxation and relief from anxiety. The minute the legs are swung upwards, your blood rushes to your heart. This particular yoga pose has a calming effect. If you really want to feel all the benefits of this pose, then it is recommended to stay in this pose for as long as 5 minutes, with a comfortable cushion under your head.

Savasana [Corpse Pose]

This asana is the ultimate one done at the end of every yoga session. All you have to do lie down as if a corpse is laying down, concentrate on your breath, and how your body is functioning, understand how it is working. Focus on every inhalation and exhalation and let go of all your worries. By staying focused on your breath, you distract your mind from all the unwanted stress and anxiety.

Summing Up

Mentioned above are the best yoga poses to make you get rid of stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. They also eliminate your health issue of insomnia, thus serving as an effective and natural remedy.

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