November 2, 2020

Why does bandcamp offer free music

I have been placing documents out considering that 1993. I ran out the ready several years when I came back into recording regarding 6 years earlier. At that point, a lot had changed.

To start with, CDs had gone by the wayside, replaced by popular streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and most recently, Apple Music. Services like TuneCore made it much easier and extra affordable to obtain your pull music on bandcamp several preferred distribution networks simultaneously.

So when I put out my first document in several years, 2017's In between the Spaces, I made use of TuneCore to obtain my record on iTunes and also the other systems discussed above. I did the same thing on Bandcamp Duplicate, but without actually taking into consideration that to be my top way of obtaining my music around.

Ever since, I have become a lot more of a Bandcamp Clone power individual of sorts, merely because I feel like it suits my requirements as an independent artist far better than the various other systems. Between the Rooms, I've curated all of my music on Bandcamp Clone, and it's become my much-loved online location to display and also offer my music. I have not even placed my newest LP, Lost Angeles, on TuneCore yet because ... well, it sets you back cash and all of these various other factors below why I believe Bandcamp Duplicate is the most effective location to concentrate my efforts as well as priceless time in terms of dispersing my music.

Allow's start to unpack why Bandcamp Clone is so terrific.


I get informed every time I make a sale, which, honestly, is not only inspiring as well as pleasing however likewise compensating because I get the buyer's email address. I always follow up with an email to them asking if I can put them on my e-mail listing. With streams on Spotify as well as sales on iTunes, I have no suggestion who's buying and also no other way to transform them right into coming to be a follower as well as a follower.

I can build an adhering to on Bandcamp Clone. Bandcamp Duplicate allows people to follow you, so I can message them straight, anytime I want. I tend to just do this when I'm releasing brand-new singles, which I generally provide for totally free on the average of about every 4 to six weeks. Probably extra notably ...

See those little squares underneath the LP image? Those are simply some of my Bandcamp Clone followers.


I can see the number of plays I'm entering in real-time. Plus as you can see from the below, I can see them charted out by "all time," 60, 30, or 7-day sight, and also Today. This is very useful for informing me what's most preferred, and for seeing spikes based on any type of social media messages or various other promotion another person may be doing (like a cd evaluation, for example).

Bandcamp Duplicate's wonderful Statistics control panel reveals your sales, plays, and much more.

I can see my sales for the day. With iTunes and also Spotify, I have no suggestion when something sells or streams. I presume for iTunes sales I can look at my TuneCore monthly or annual report or whatever they provide these days, however that feels around as unsatisfactory as having a traditional accountant I have to deal with my rotary phone.


I can rapidly as well as conveniently share links to particular tunes as well as records. OK, I can do this with iTunes as well as Spotify, also, however, when a person most likely to my Bandcamp Duplicate web page, they're seeing my entire catalog and everything else I'm talking about right here. iTunes and also Spotify are all about the interface, not about my music or the area as well as following I'm building.

I can embed songs on my blog site or site. As someone that tries to blog rather routinely, this is also massive and also aids make a connection between my writing as well as my songs. You can do this with Spotify as well as iTunes also, but Bandcamp Clone's gamer is clean as well as basic, as well as potential leads the customer to all that various other great things above.

I get a devoted page for each solitary. This is a huge one for me. I see every tune I do as a masterpiece on its own, in addition to being part of a bigger collection. Plus I usually release one track at a time, so each track has its page with great deals of wonderful options for additional info and also context, including the capability to add verses, a story about the track, credit scores, tags, as well as customized artwork. Oh, plus as soon as every one of these songs amounts to an LP, I can make a web page for the LP, as well. I can not do this on iTunes or Spotify— I'm stuck having to release a full EP or document like yearly, and also there's no way to contextualize or color each single or LP with every one of this information that constitutes an extra tailored experience from me as the artist.

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