October 20, 2020

Custom AK Grips

Most of the AK grips are reported to be similar to that of the AR-15. We haven’t tried much of it, but let’s see what these grips are all about. Firstly, start with the Magpul Industries K2. These models have a vertical angle.

It is not an excellent suit for everyone who uses the AK. But still, the grip is a great outing. Many genuine weapon lovers disregard this grip as it seemingly affects the outlook. The Rubber texture is indeed a good highlight. So, you can’t miss it for sure.

Let’s talk about the other top grips for the Russian legend.

Magpul MOE/MOE +

Again, Magpul occupies the second position in this list. You can find the same grip angle as the typical A2. It comprises a flat front face without a finger groove. The Magpul MOE/MOE + consists of a beavertail to help shooters with a high pistol grip.

These pieces are worth the money, and you can never get disappointed at all. The grip’s front strap is ribbed for your comfort. So, it has become the favorite grip of the shooting community. We have other alternatives in the lineup too. Mostly Magpul dominates the list. So, we would like to talk about them.

If you’re in the market for a more lightweight grip, then the Magpul MOE-K/SL is a good option. As a whole, the grip is said to be thinner than the other choices. Look at both the K and SL variants; they are very similar. Many AK users prefer gun customization, and changing the grips seems to be their priority.

Always be hungry, be desperate to gain knowledge of weapons. Do you have doubts about how to build your gun? You can always contact a good gunsmith. He/she shall provide you excellent ideas to tackle down the hindrances you face.

Some models never offer grip storage at all. So, be specific and focused on what you want.


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