June 9, 2021

Mikial Singh Nijjar | Information technology has changed a lot of things in our lives

With the expansion of knowledge technology, more of our existence activity involves our interaction with computers and smartphones instead of face to face with people.

Examples do banking, shopping, work assignments, and social interaction. Here Mikial Singh Nijjar describes to you how our life changed by Information Technology.

Information Technology and also the Global News Network:

Information is conveyed from one end of the globe to the opposite swiftly within a moment transmitted through information technology on the net and tv.

Information Technology and Social Communication:

We can now chat endlessly on our mobile phones. and through social media like Facebook and Twitter, similarly to text messages and emails, we can read messages wherever we are and whatever we do.

A lot of the social information being communicated is comparatively trivial. Yet more and more, there's an expectation that we stay constantly connected.

You will have had people become indignant or suspicious when you've turned off portable, or not well-versed texts or emails a minimum of twice daily to suit them.

As a consequence, you'll get on constant call from those like work colleagues and relations who can make demands on you with none time you'll call your own.

It's become increasingly acceptable for employers to expect employees to be reachable '24/7.' Is heavy use of this technology adding to fatigue and stress in young adults?

How does one use Information Technology?

Mikial Nijjar says that it seems that college children nowadays are spending longer on social media than on their academic work or rebuke their siblings or parents.

How long can adults go without calling or writing to others and giving them an update on their life? How empty would your world become by filling longer with chit-chat? What would you be missing out on?

Information technology and spiritual well-being:

It is good once you connect with others in a very meaningful way. But shouldn't you furthermore may be trying to find ways you'll 'disconnect' from the minutiae of the planet which is distracting you from the routine joys and sorrows of life alone in our skin?

Sometimes it seems that just being oneself and doing our own thing is often boring. Having someone distract us however superficially from the tasks we are set can want a welcome relief.

Or daily work can want drudgery and that we seem to yearn for relief through a touch of entertainment, gossip, or perhaps some nonsense that may take our mind off what we are speculated to be pondering.

Or where we are can feel lonely because we have not found the simplest way of relating in any form of satisfying thanks to the people around us - so we resort to paying attention to someone over the phone whether or not they're many miles away.

Is it not better to set about to the challenges where we are, face them bravely and find the peace and contentment that comes from being mindful of what useful things we will within the here and now?