January 29, 2020

Block paving Market Analysis Report

Block paving is a highly popular method for surfacing an area for a long time. Bricks used in block paving are usually made from a number of materials such as clay, and concrete and can be laid in simple uniform lines or in patterns to reflect the user's preference. Market Research Future has learned that the global backhoe comparisons market is growing at a steady pace over the forecast period from 2016 to 2022. The report records and analyzes the various factors governing the growth of the global block paving market during the projection period.

Normally found in square or rectangular shapes, block paving is a popular choice as it is quick to install and is highly durable. Block paving requires little to no maintenance, which drives the adoption of the surfacing option. Moreover, block paving can be used to achieve a very specific aesthetic which enhances the look of nearly any property making it a popular alternative to concrete or asphalt resurfacing. Often found in residential areas, block paving is an aesthetically please surfacing option. Block paving can also often be found on sidewalks and walkways which further drives the market. The expansion of the urban areas in many emerging economies has resulted in an expansion of the residential sector and infrastructure. As a result, the demand for block paving has grown significantly.

Block paving is not ideal for roads; however, as if it is not properly done, there may be potholes, and the surface may not remain properly level, thus hindering the market.

Market Segmentation

The global block paving market, in MRFR's report, has been segmented on the basis of material, end-use, product, and region. Materials used to produce blocks have been segmented into clay, building bricks, and concrete. Clay and concrete are among the most popular materials used for this purpose.

End-use has been segmented into structural, hardscaping, siding, fireplace, and others.

Product has been segmented to include pavers, glazed clay bricks, and wall block. Glazed clay bricks are expected to dominate the market with pavers coming in close second in terms of market size.

Key regions included in the report have been segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Rest of the World.

Regional Analysis

North America has been established as the largest market for block paving. The U.S is a key country-level market where there is a huge demand for brick and block products and the residential sector in the region expands. North America is followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific. The APAC accounts for the region with the highest CAGR during the review period. The region has been witnessing increasing investments in housing and infrastructure. Government support for infrastructural and economic development is driving the use of block paving for surfacing sidewalks and residential areas. Changing preferences in consumers indicate a growing preference for block paving due to its aesthetic appeal.

Key Players

McBride Construction, Brett Landscaping & Building Products, Palmetto Corp, Premier Pavers and Stone, Marshalls PLC, Paving Superstore, Superior Asphalt Inc., Tobermore, and Kilsaran International are among the leading competitors that have been including MRFR's competitive assessment. These players have been studied for their market strategies and other vital details regarding competition in the global block paving market.