January 4, 2021



下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- The secret life of the teenage brain,文章讲述该视频还介绍了成瘾的作用。视频显示,成瘾的药物和酒精可以捕获大脑的奖励系统。观看科学纪录片时,通常我听不懂一些技术术语和具体进展。但是这段视频通过一些动画讲述了复杂的生理过程。我认为很容易理解青少年大脑与可卡因等药物之间的联系。在第三部分中,动画演示了突触传递以及药物如何在化学上类似于神经递质或防止神经递质再摄取。

Video summary: (30) The secret life of the teenage brain

After watching the video, I think the video mainly focuses on the development of the brain especially the prefrontal cortex during adolescence. The video highlights some important diseases or symptoms caused by brain, such as Schizophrenia, drug and alcohol addiction. Thus I will divide the video into five parts.

Part one is the introduction of the video’s topic—teenage brain.

Part two tells a story of a young man who is diagnosed with the Schizophrenia.

Part three is about some young men and young women who are addicted to the drugs such as cocaine.

Part four is an experiment taken to identify the influence of alcohol on teenagers’ brain.

And part five is the summary of the topic—teenage brain.

There is no doubt that the teenage brain is full of mystery, frustration and complexity. And researchers have confirmed that the prefrontal cortex is the center of reasoning and impulse control. Many physiological activities are commanded by the prefrontal cortex. If the prefrontal cortex gets out of control, people will fall ill or get unhinged. A major challenge to the adolescent brain is schizophrenia. Throughout the world and across cultural borders, teenagers from as early as age 12 suffer from this brain disorder.

In the second part, the video takes a young man as an example. The young man took Schizophrenia unluckily while he was highly normal when he was a boy. The scientists did a lot of examinations to him and asked him what bothered him the most. It was the Schizophrenia that often bothered him. In the video, doctors took many examinations and tests to help the young man. And in the end the young man got healthy. When the young man took the brain examinations, I can see the brain structure diagrams. The brain plays an important and essential role in teenagers’ life. During adolescence, the brain uses current experience to decide what to do and what not to do.

The video also addresses the role of addiction. The video has showed that the brain’s reward system can be captured by addictive drugs and alcohol. When I watch the science documentaries, I usually can’t understand some technical terms and specific progress. But this video tells complex physiological progress through some animations. I think it is very easy to understand the connections between teenagers’ brain and the drugs such as cocaine. In the third part, Animations illustrate synaptic transmission and how drugs can chemically resemble neurotransmitters or prevent neurotransmitter reuptake.

And in the fourth part, the scientists took an experiment to examine the reactions of brain when the teenagers drank. Due to the alcohol, the teenagers’ brain had interesting and surprising changes. The result is extremely similar to the influence of the drugs. To a large extent, I think the drugs and alcohol have a bad effect on teenagers’ brain.

The secret life of teenagers’ brain is complex and various. And I think the video just shows a part of them. There are still a large number of mysteries that are not found by scientists. But the video teach me a lot. Through the documentary, I know the mechanism of the Schizophrenia. And I also know the influence of drugs and alcohol on teenagers’ brain. So perfect!