May 19, 2022

GHI-1 Unit 4A

Social Change.

Social change is an unavoidable part of social life. Because humans are social creatures, virtuous, and always feel dissatisfied, changes in society will continue to occur. However, sometimes there are also static societies where changes in their environment are slower. In the study of sociology, social change is understood as changes in people's lives that take place without stopping. This will happen all the time. The essence of this change is the desire of everyone to always change so that the situation becomes better according to needs. There are some factors in dealing with social change.

1. Changes in Vehicle Technology

In ancient times humans traveled using wheeled carts that utilized animal power such as horses or cows to move them. But now that machines are found in motorized vehicles, humans can travel comfortably using cars and motorbikes.

2. Clothing

Globalization today greatly affect the way people dress. If in the past the Indonesian people often wore traditional clothes and traditional clothes, nowadays these habits are increasingly difficult to find. Many people now wear clothes according to the trend that is currently viral or just want to wear according to their taste. While traditional clothes are only worn at certain moments, such as at weddings. An example is the rise of clothing made of jeans, t-shirts, and so on.

3. Building Houses

Ancient houses were very simple made of woven bamboo and dry leaf roofs. The model is also made according to the typical traditional house buildings from each region. Now the houses are built from a solid mixture of cement and sand with various models. Many houses are now also built with more than one floor with good lighting and exhaust systems.

4. Communication Tools

In ancient times humans used letters and public telephones as a means of long-distance communication. Now, after the presence of smartphones (smartphones) many people communicate more easily and quickly by means of the internet.

5. Children's Games

Social changes are very visible from the changing games that are popular with children. In the past, children often played hide and seek, jump rope, marbles, kites, smash and other games with their friends, nowadays these are rare items. Now children prefer to play online games such as mobile legend, PUBG, game console and Play Station.

6. Attitude

This change in attitude can be seen from the way people interact or behave. For example, now more people dare to be critical of the government. Another example is the procedure for association or communication between the younger generation and their parents who are more egalitarian.

7. Language

If in the past the majority of Indonesian people only mastered their respective regional languages, now the situation has changed. Many people now master Indonesian, as the national language. The process of migration to other areas also causes many people from one area to master several regional languages. Globalization has also made more people in the country able to master foreign languages, especially English.