January 29, 2021

Weekly Planner

Put the words under the correct heading. Which activities belong to co-curricular, intra-curricular, extracurricular activities or school project? Work in groups (write your group members). Write your answers in the COMMENT SECTION below.

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Note :

Intra-curricular activities are activities carried out by schools regularly, it is clear. and systematically scheduled which is the main program in the process of educating students. For example: in every public school there must be activities to educate students in various subjects such as Mathematics, Civics, Religion, etc, which are carried out, for example, from 07.00-13.00 with a break or break 2 times.

Co-curricular activities are activities that are very closely related and support and assist intra-curricular activities usually carried out outside the intra-curricular schedule to make students understand and deepen the material in the intra-curricular. Usually, this activity is in the form of assignments or homework or other actions related to intra-curricular material must be completed by students.

Extracurricular activities are activities that are carried out outside of regular class hours (outside intra-curricular activities), and most of the material is outside of intra-curricular material, whose main function is to channel / develop students' abilities according to their interests and talents, broaden their knowledge, learn to socialize, add skills, fill leisure time, etc., can be implemented at school or sometimes outside of school.