Perspective Vision

The future of Education looks very exciting. The place without any boundaries in terms of time, place, and money. Everyone is free to pick whatever is appealing to them.

The future of education is going to be related to a very few fundamental ideas. Jeff Bezos calls them "Big Ideas" that are always a few lying at the fundamentals of any industry and even life itself.

In Education those ideas are:

  • Experience
  • Progress
  • Result
  • Ecosystem

Educators, Software, AI, Innovations – all of that is aimed at making the best experience for the students, ensuring that they have sufficient progress over time and eventually reach their primary goal – the purpose of the education process.

However, the latter doesn't encompass such a vital long-term aspect as ecosystem. This implies that a student is going to be surrounded with the right conditions to study forever and have all the previous aspects (XP, PG, RS) - at the highest possible level.

Now, considering the main tools through which the education will be provided in the future, the following should be outlined:

  1. EduTech Courses (standard and unique)
  2. Conceptual Clubs
  3. Global Educational Platform (including features of Edx, Coursera and other services)

No universities, just #EduTech inclusive hubs.

The implementation strategy is as follows.

First of all, the whole focus must be made solely on courses. This is the core value of the education. The knowledge, skills, and their distribution. The importance of building high quality #EduTech courses for online self-study and offline great student experience – could not be underestimated.

At this moment, it is needed already to have Educational Celebrities like Tony Robbins in the world of business and self-help. Those individuals will possess people's trust and will be able to spread ideas widely and massively. Not only the ideas but the culture and knowledge/skills. AI, practices, and final results – all of that is included.

After completing a number of #EduTech courses successfully, having a couple of thousands of Satisfied Successful Students (3Ss - later) and a few hundreds of Active Perspective Students (APSs - later), we will move towards the clubs system.

The massive Clubs System is ground-shaking and highly disruptive towards universities. They will not be able to resist the competition from the #EduTech clubs that not only will be much more affordable but also ubiquitous and much more valuable. People will not need to spend years to get a degree. The education process will be much faster and people will study all the time. To continue a course started in Moscow, they just need to find the similar course somewhere in London, if they made such a travel. There will be numerous modes for studies and no need to pay thousands of dollars for education. The value of knowledge will be cheap. It is the value of the result will be everything that people will pay for.

Finally, to conclude the Ecosystem, the Global Platform to cooperate among courses and clubs, and other places to study (like Academies, Modern Universities – aka #EduTech Hubs), the global social network will be needed with all the features to study, cooperate, teach, share, and learn.

This is the Future of Education in a nutshell. This is inevitable, this is epic.