free-cheats Jambette's Nuclear Fallout

[Basic Seeder]

Use with above free cheats

First part goes in Address and you type the item you want to appear in your pocket in freeze value.

First Pocket Town Host 31F2DBF0

Player 4 Town 00AA0C60

You can drop buried items by putting 8000 before the item ID.

So in the freeze value box you would put 80000070 to drop a buried money tree(modificato)

Player 1 Island 00AAB0E0

Player 3 island 00A967E0

Player 2 island 00A8C360

Player 4 island 00A8C360(modificato)

[Region Spoofer]

Use this to visit the islands of different countries

Choose the offset that applies to you, if you're from the US and NOT using a game with welcome amiibo pre-installed (Games with WA pre-installed are white) you would use the USA_COUNTRY offset, 350B18, and put that in address.

Freeze value would be E3A000XX

XX being the ID of the country you want to go to.

Here's the website with the country IDs for the people too lazy to type it in themselves

You have to convert the numbers to hex

For example UK is 110 on the list, converted to hex it would be 6E.

Google can do the work for you, just google "[CountryCode] to hex"(modificato)

Country Code List

Blue Diamond03/07/2018

[TPC Region]

Changes the region on your TPC.


Use country IDs listed above and convert them to hex. (31 is America, 12 is Canada, 6E is UK etc.) and put them in the freeze value box.

31F2C5F3 is the area within the country. (0B is Florida)(modificato)

Blue Diamond03/07/2018

[Island items changer]

Put what you want the items to change to in freeze value. If you're using this on Club Tortimer, no one will see them unless you're the host of the island (Blue text box) and they arrived after you did the change.

Item 1: 33038D94

Item 2: 33038D98

Item 3: 33038D9C

Item on far right: 33038D90(modificato)

4 luglio 2018

Blue Diamond04/07/2018

[Infinite item drop]

Blue Diamond04/07/2018

[Basic emotion changer]

You're better off just opening the hex editor for this one. You'll see all the IDs of your emotions and can edit them. The probelm with this one is that if you change it to an unused emotion, it will disappear after one use and you'll have to add it again.

31F2F9F0 Player one emotions (Works when you're town host)

Blue Diamond04/07/2018

[How to add free cheats]

The Free cheat section is in Tools. If you don't have any yet, you can make a new one by going into the hex editor and pressing X, and selecting New Free cheat. Doesn't matter what you name it.

Now the new free cheat should be in the Free cheats section and you can edit it.

If you want to make a new free cheat, you can just duplicate and edit an old one now.

Press A to activate a Free Cheat.

Blue Diamond04/07/2018

[Unbreakable Flowers]

Running over flowers won't hurt them

597F58 E3A0001D

Disable: EBF5935C

[Remove Everything]

Plants, rocks, designs will get removed just by you walking over them!

Address: Same as unbreakable

Freeze Value: 1A000015(modificato)

5 luglio 2018

Blue Diamond05/07/2018

[Edit All Patterns]

2FEC44 E3A00001

Blue Diamond05/07/2018

[Unlock Club Tortimer Early]

From NL hacking discord

Club Tortimer (Usa)

Player 1 0x31F2C73F - 0x0D

Player 2 0x31F36BBF - 0x0D

Player 3 0x31F4103F - 0x0D

Player 4 0x31F4B4BF - 0x0D

14 luglio 2018

Blue Diamond14/07/2018

[Emotion Changer]

Changes any emotion you use the emotion you have the ID set to

25E054 E3A000XX

Replace XX with emotion ID

Turn off Emote cheat

25E054 E7D00001

Emotions are from 00-40

Unused emotions:

0F- Surprise (3 Blue lines)

1F- Yellow balls out of head thing that Kap'n does when you don't ahve enough money.

22- Fanning yourself when you're too hot

23- Smug smile sparkle

25- Smiling with eyes closed

2D- Fall asleep for a second

2F- Fucking die for like 3 seconds

30- Resetti Angry/Sad

31- Resetti Smile

32- Resetti Cold Chill

33- Resetti Squinting Exclamation Mark

34- Resetti Opens Mouth and makes Resigntation sound

35- Resetti happy silly face

36- Resetti twitching and angry

37- Resetti evil smile

38- Police Station Salute (Only works inside)

3B- Realization except you just keep a poker face

3C- Make a computer sound and realize this isn't real and you're just a computer program

3E- Katrina Purple Cloud

3F- Do The Robot

40- Powder your face for a second(modificato)

15 luglio 2018

Blue Diamond15/07/2018

[Change Pick Up Speed]


50000000 (Max speed?)

23 luglio 2018

Blue Diamond23/07/2018

[Change Game Speed]

Slow or Speed up your game speed, now in free cheat form

Address: 32916E50

Change to 8bits

Freeze Value/Write:

02 is normal speed

03 and higher- Slowww

01 and below- Fast

31 luglio 2018

Blue Diamond31/07/2018

[Set idle animation]

Some animations can make you lose control of your character. You can use this to fix yourself and allow movement again.

Use outside when you're outside and inside when you're in a building.

Turn on, go back into the game, then turn it off so you can move again

Change to 8 bits

Outside: 33077565


Inside: 33077691


Or you can use AR codes:

Press R to restore movement outside

DD000000 00000100

D3000000 33000000

00077564 060D0600

D2000000 00000000

Press R to restore movement inside

DD000000 00000100

D3000000 33000000

00077690 060D0600

D2000000 00000000(modificato)

18 agosto 2018

Blue Diamond18/08/2018

[Even More Animations]


Blue Diamond18/08/2018

10- Female running

12- Zombie running

13- Switching tool

14- Switching tool

15- Put away tool

16- Flip

17- Cant put away tool

18- Opening mailbox

19- Mailbox open idle

1A- In Inventory

1B- Perfect fruit infatuation

1C- Victory dance

1D- Walking downstairs to basement (Makes you invisible)

1E- Walking downstairs from 2nd floor

1F- Walking upstairs (Makes you float)

20- Walking upstairs

21- Eating

22- Eating perfect fruit

Blue Diamond18/08/2018

23- Eating fortune cookie

24- About to pick something up

25- Pick up and pocket

26- Pick up and show

27- Pocket

28- Pluck

29- Pull out item and show

2A- Pull out item and show

2B- Pocket shown item

2C- Start shake tree

2D- Shaking tree

2E- Knocking door

2F- Creepy sliding

30- Open door and walk in

31- Open door and walk in

32- Open door and walk in

33- Walk in in building

34- Walking in

35- Walking in tent

36- Walking out tent

37- Diving off cliff

3E- Starting to fill hole

3F- Filling hole

40- Sparkler

Blue Diamond18/08/2018

42- Pull popper

43- Pull put umbrella

44- Spin umbrella

47- Start to shovel

48- Start to shovel

49- Digging hole

4A- Hitting person with shovel

4B- Can't dig a hole

4C- Digging up sapling

4D- Digging up item

4E- Pocket item

4F- Filling in hole with shovel

50- Fake dig

55- Pulling sling shot

56- Pulling sling shot hold

57- Releasing sling shot

58- Releasing sling shot hold

5D- ??

5E- Holding axe?

5F- Swinging axe?

60- Hititng person with axe

61- Missing with axe

62- Breaking axe

63- Sad after breaking axe

64- Watering plants

65- Watering plants with golden can

66- Net swing

67- Taking out caught bug

68- Excited dance (Completed Encyclopedia?)

69- Pocket caught bug

Blue Diamond18/08/2018

6A- Holding net idle

6B- Sneaking with net

83- Holding up megaphone

84- Can't use megaphone

85- Talking through megaphone

87- Casting fishing line

88- Can't cast fishing line

89- Fishing line in water idle

8A- Got a bite

8B- Failing to catch fish and falling (Unused)

8C- Pull fishing line out of water

8D- Pull line out of water with a catch

8E- Showing caught fish

8F- Pocket fish

90- Excited dance, completed fish encyclopedia

9F- Holding furniture

Blue Diamond18/08/2018

A1- Pull furniture backwards

A2- Grab furniture?

A3- Pull furniture (Makes camera and movement weird)

A4- Turn furniture

A5- Turn furniture

A6- Grab furniture off shelf

A7- Grab furniture off shelf

A8- Grab furniture off wall

A9- Grab furniture off high shelf

AA- Grab furniture off wall

AB- Sitting in chair

AC-AD Sit in chair (Makes your movement weird)

AE- Sit I'm chair

AF- Get out chair

B0-B1 Moving in chair. Makes movement weird

B2- Can't move in chair

B4- Holding furniture

B5- Opening cabinet

B6- Looking in cabinet

B9/BA- Laying in bed

BB- Sleeping idle

BC/BD- About to turn in bed

BE/BF- Turning in bed

C0/C1 Bumping into someone in bed

Blue Diamond18/08/2018

C2/C3- Getting out of bed

C4- Can't go into water

C5-CB Swimming in water

CC- Jumping off cliff into water

CD- Dive

CE- Rising up out of water

CF- Caught an underwater creature

D0- Caught underwater creature idle

D1- Pocket underwater creature

D2-D4 Stung by jellyfish

D5- Weird running in place

D6- Fall into pitfall trap

D7- Struggling in pitfall

D8- Fall into hole

D9- Struggling in hole

DA/DB- Jumping out hole

DC/DD Fainting

DE- Getting up

DF- Getting attacked by bees

Blue Diamond18/08/2018

E0- Trying to fend off bees

E1- Scared off the bees

E2- Are the bees gone?

E3- Showing off the bee sting

E4- Bit by mosquito

E5- Rubbing mosquito bite

E6-E8 Trip

E9-EC Getting up

F1- Missing with hammer

F2- Hitting with hammer

FC/FD Sad mouth open

Blue Diamond18/08/2018

19E- Angry villager standing in place

19F- Angry villager walk

1A0- Happy villager standing in place

1A1- Happy villager skip

1A2- Sad villager standing in place

1A3- Sad villager walk

1A4- Villager thinking in place

1A5- Vilalger walking and thinking

1A6- Waving

1A7- Bowing

1A8- ??

1A9- Excited Villager

1AA- Request Villager

1AB- Request Villager

1AC- ?

1AD- Getting hit by net

1AE- Getting hit by net and looking around

1AF- Hiding villager

1B0- Peeking out

1B1- Peeking out

1D6- Zipper T Dance

1D7- Flip

1D8- ??

1DB- Weird pave dance

1DC- Faster pave dance

1DD- Pave pose

1DE- Reaching towards the skies

1DF- Floating on back

1E0- Rissing out the lamp

1E1- Getting sucked into lamp. (Canceling at the right moment can keep you small)

1E3- Floating on back and eating

1EC- Kap'n on boat

1ED- Kap'n starting the boat

1EE- Kap'n moving the boat

1EF- Asleep I'm a weird position (Makes movement weird)

29 agosto 2018

Blue Diamond29/08/2018

[Change Shrunk Shuffle Emotion Animation]

Replaces the Shrunk Shuffle dance with one of the above animations. Only on your screen though, others will see the normal animation.


16 bits

30 agosto 2018

Blue Diamond30/08/2018

[Change Eat Type]

A useless code that changes the effect that happens after you eat something.

8 bits

Inside: 33077DBB

00- Normal

01- Perfect Fruit

02- Fortune Cookie

03- Fortune Cookie but keeps repeating the sound for everyone else

22 settembre 2018


[Stop the Clock from Appearing on Screen, USA]

Offset: 0x2936DC

Value: 0xE3A02001

Original Value: 0xE3A02000

Keeps the onscreen clock from appearing on the screen. When you first load a room, the clock will show up, just make it go away and it shouldn't come back.

This can stop it from always destroying you screenshot!!



[Disable New Leaf taking Screenshots, USA]

Offset: 0x5B417C

Original: '0xE3A00A02
Offset 0x5B4190
(Original '0xE3A00901')

This is useful for taking nice high quality screenshots with NTR instead. (and New Leaf won't interfere)

If you would like to enable taking screenshots with NTR, press X+Y (make sure you are not outside), and go to "Set hotkey" and select "Screenshots: L+R"

Now when you press L+R NTR will take screenshots instead. They are higher quality and also will screenshot the bottom screen.

*Note: It will save screenshots in the image format .bmp (not jpg)(modificato)

17 ottobre 2018


[Chat Bubbles Stay On-Screen, USA]

offset 0x002145F8

Value 0xE1A00000

Original 0x0A000006


[Send More Than 3 Numbers on the Online Island, USA]



20 ottobre 2018


[Make Villagers Hold Selected Tool, USA]



Villager 1

Villager 2

Villager 3

Villager 4

Villager 5

Villager 6

Villager 7

Villager 8

Villager 9

Villager 10

Put the item ID of the tool you would like to give to one of your villagers.

The order of the villagers goes by how they are listed on the map (the menu on the side) Note: If you have less than 10 villagers it could mess the ordering up.

This can work online, but you have to set the tools before anyone arrives.(modificato)

25 dicembre 2018

Blue Diamond25/12/2018

[Move Island NPCs]

Kind of iffy but works regardless if you're the host or not. You or other players that talk to them can move them into place.

Works as long as you stay in the hut


X axis 3200C59A 16 bits

The higher the hex value, the further right she goes.

Y axis 3200C59C 8 bits

The higher the hex value, the further South in the room she goes.

Facing 3200C59D 8 bits

Affects which direction the NPC is facing. 3D is Right

Desk Kappa:

X axis 3200C5AA

Y axis 3200C5AC

Facing 3200C5AD

Kappa Child:

X axis 3200C5CA

Y axis 3200C5CC

Facing 3200C5CD

Blue Diamond25/12/2018

[Force Island NPCs to express an emotion]

As it says, you can force the kappas to express any emotion you want them to. This one is also iffy, sometimes other people can see it but you can't. Set it up before you go to the island.

Kappa Child:

3200C5D0 XX600C15 32 bits

XX- Emotion ID


3200C5A0 XX600C15 32 bits

14 febbraio 2019

Blue Diamond14/02/2019

[Island Bin is a Locker]

Access your train station locker from the island bin while you're at the island.

8 bits

Address: 6D479C

Freeze value: 3D(modificato)

16 febbraio 2019

Blue Diamond16/02/2019

[Menu Modifier]

With this code, everything you open (Keyboard, Inventory, etc.) will always open up to the menu of your choice.

I recommend just opening up the keyboard or emotion menu when using this because you will get stuck if you try to open any of the top tabs on the bottom screen.

It's normal if the screen is blank after opening something like the train station locker, just press START or talk to a character to fix it.

Turn this off if you want everything back to normal.

Address: 950D1F

Freeze Value: XX

XX being menu value

Action Replay Code:

DD000000 00000200

20950D1F 000000XX

D2000000 00000000

Hold L to activate the menu when selecting keyboard or jokebook(modificato)

Menu IDs: Useful ones bolded

00- Actual Inventory

01- Pattern Menu

02- Bug Menu

03- TPC

04- BFF Menu

05- Keyboard

06- Emotion menu

07- People Here

08- Save where (kappa girl)

09- Give what?

0A- Sell what? (Reese)

0B- Choose a song!

0C- Give what? (Fish eater)

0D- Give what? (Gecko)

0E- Give what? (Jack)

0F- Donate what? (Blanthers)

10- Access what?

13- Show what? (Cyrus)

14- Display what? (Reese)

19- Give what? (Cyrus)

1A- Give what? (Turkey)

20- Give what? (Kappa girl)

21- Give what?

22- Give what?

2A- Throw Away

2B- Wrapping

2C- Sell what?

2D- Give what? (Isabelle)

2E- Change date and time

2F- Choose a time to meet

30- Select Date (Mail)

31- When is your birthday?

32- How many turnips do you want?

33- Sell for what price? (Reese)

34- Bells?

35- Enter Pin...?

36- Enter Dream Address

37- Deposit

38- Withdrawal

3A: Bell Donation

3B- Coupon Convert

3C- ??

3D- Locker

3E- Island Bin (Town)

3F- Island Bin (Island)

40- Lloid

41- Mail

42- Mail Sending

43- Give what?

44- CRASH/Mail Saving


47- CRASH/Bulletin Board

4A- Pocket drop

4B- Pocket drop

4C- Pocket drop


4F- Town Flag

60- Mii Selector


74- BFF Menu

77- Towns Open

79- Town Tune

7B- Edit pattern menu

7C- Check 1F Exhibits

7D- Tour Menu

84- Move Furniture

Note: Can be used to move furniture in any room of player's homes in your town online and offline. You can move stuff while people are over your house!

CRASH when used in someone else's town and when used outside.

87- Meow Coupons

89- House Storage

8A- Return Home

8C- ??(modificato)

20 febbraio 2019

Blue Diamond20/02/2019

[Chat Notification Modifer]

Thanks Jay for posting this first

Blue Diamond20/02/2019

Sound list(Very incomplete):

009D- Fainting and respawning

00A1- Someone arrived at the train station!

0116- Bicycle chime

0124- Got heart container

0125- Zelda Chime

03CD- Message from best friend

03D5- Can't do that!

0350- K.K. Song clam (Loops and wont stop)

03D0- Message send sound!

03F5- I am online!

042A- BFF activated

045A- Cool Sound

0463- Trash Bin

046F- Cant do that!

0476- Goat Sound

047B- ??

047D- ??

048D- Happy menu sound

048E- Cool sound

0490- Sad cool sound

0498- Timer start

04AD- Ding

04AF- Boat departing

04B0- GUNSHOT (popper)

04B8- Wind howling (balloon game)

04BD- Placing project sound

04BE- Agreeing to date

04C1- Cool Sound

04C5- Saving (Loops)

04D3- Flipping TPC back to front

0560- Drop bell coin

0561- Drop bell bag

0570- Star flies by

0584- Showing fanfare

0660- Thunder (Good one!)

07F5- 1-Up

07F8- Bowsers castle theme (loops and wont stop)

07FA- Yoshi!

07FB- Red shell (loops and wont stop)

Work in progress list of sounds:

Google Docs

ACNL Music IDs

Purple: Loops Red: Crash Music: 0000- Title Theme 0001- Talking to isabelle 0002- House showcase place? 0003- Song that plays when you first arrive to town by train 0004- First walking out of the train station 0005 to 0007- Villager banter sounds 0009- 0010- 1 AM 0011- 2 AM...

24 febbraio 2019

Blue Diamond24/02/2019

[Change Walking Trail]

This changes the effects that appear when you walk.

The effects only appear on your screen.

Walking over pavement: 843A04

Walking over grass: 843A08

16 bits

Walking over sand: 843A14

16 bits

Freeze value is the effect ID.(modificato)

Blue Diamond24/02/2019

Effect IDs (incomplete):

0006- Changing Outfit

0021- Light explosion

0023- Sparkly firework

0024- Purple Fireworks

0025- Electric Explosion

0026- Pink fireworks

0027- White sparkle fireworks

0028- White fireworks

00D0- Lots of orange petals

00D5- Blue electricity (COOL)

00D6- Flickering blue light

00D8- Pink smoke?

00ED- Bugs

00EE- Darker bugs

00F0- Huge path of light

00F3- Confetti

00F5- Tiny bubbles

00F6- Popping bubbles

00FB- Tiny water splashes

0142- Cool shapes that stay on screen

0168- Stars that appear when you hit a hard surface

01D9- Fire sparks

01DA- Popper effect but different colors

01DB- Lots of steam rising out of the ground

01DC- Raining confetti!

01DD- Confetti streams that fly towards you

01DE- Tiny flowers

01F4- Ice crystals

01F6- Rock breaking

01FB- Roach ghosts

01CF- Surfing!11

0200- A weird pulsing black ring

020A- Popper

0215- Bubbles

0232- Blue Feathers

0233- Green feathers

0243- Poof cloud(modificato)

4 marzo 2019

Blue Diamond04/03/2019

[Change Item you eat/Show off/Pick up]

This should already be in Ryan's plugin but here it is for those that don't have it.

Make sure to turn off when not in use

16 bits

Address: 33077C86

Freeze value: Item ID(modificato)

6 marzo 2019

Blue Diamond06/03/2019

[Change Keyboard Region]

Changes the region of your keyboard if your game is US. Useful for having multiple custom keyboards.

Address: 898244

Freeze Value: XX

8 bits

12- JP Japanese (Doesn't load JPN characters for some reason)

2E- US French

38- EU French

42- US English

4D- EU English

58- US Spanish

63- EU Spanish

8A- EU Italian

DD- EU German

18 marzo 2019

Blue Diamond18/03/2019

["Bury" items that you drop]

Whenever you drop an item outside, it will appear as if you're burying/planting it. Items you dropped this way will appear on your screen after you refresh the area.

16 bit

Address: 5A2380

Freeze value: 23E4

19 marzo 2019

Blue Diamond19/03/2019

[Change Island Hut Music]

Changes the music that plays in the island hut with any other music in the game

8 bit

Address: 815880

Freeze value: Music ID

Music IDS

00- Title Theme

01- Talking to Isabelle

22- 7 PM

87- Main Street

88- Main Street (Night)

A3- Town Hall theme

A4- Train station

A5- Brewster's

B0- Nook Homes

B1- Able Sister's

B2- Shampoodle's

B3- Skunk shop

B4- Club lol

B5- Katrina

B6- Katrina giving fortune

B7- Dream Suite

B8- Museum

B9- Post office (Day)

BA- Post Office (Night)

BC- Police Station

BD- Re-tail

BE- Resetti theme

BF- Resetti's brother theme

C0- Epic Resetti Music

C1- Award Ceremony

C2- Fanfare (Not a full song)

C3- Island Hut

C4- Island hut outdoors (Day)

C5- Island hut outdoors (Night)

D0- Catchy song Someone identify pls

D1- Catchy song Someone identify pls

D2- Chill music

D3- Countdown music?

D4- New year?

D5- Fireworks?

D6- New year?

D7- Firework party in August music

D8- ?

D9- Shrunk's joke show

DA- Shrunk show ending fanfare

DB- Public works project ceremony

DC- Causes a crash

E8- Campground

EF- Some jungle sounding music(modificato)

25 aprile 2019

Blue Diamond25/04/2019

[Change the position of your tools]

8 bits

Address: 33076618

Freeze value: 0-11

Default value is 8

26 aprile 2019

Blue Diamond26/04/2019

[Move the position of your head]

8 bits

Outside address: 33077628

Inside address: 33077754

Freeze value: 00-11

Default value is 09

7 maggio 2019

Blue Diamond07/05/2019

[Player 1 Dream Address Changer]

Change your dream address to anything you want. Make sure you have a dream address beforehand or it might not work.

Part 1:

31F2C711 XX

8 bits. The first 2 digits of the dream address.

Part 2:

31F2C714 XX

8 bits. The second set of digits of the DA.

Part 3:


32 bits. The last 8 digits of the dream address.

Alternatively just open this up in a hex editor.

3 giugno 2019

Blue Diamond03/06/2019

[Remove Everything]

This was already in the channel, but here it is so it's easier to see. Literally just a modification of Ryan's unbreakable flowers code.

Removes stuff (rocks, trees, patterns etc.) just by walking over it.

Address: 597F58

Freeze Value: 1A000015

Disable: EBF5935C

21 luglio 2019

Blake ♡21/07/2019

[Fun “Your-Screen-Only” Codes]

These codes are for your screen only. Some are cool for making neat TPC pictures.


001ACE00 00000000


001ACE00 3E800000


001ACE00 3F800000


001ACE00 40800000

[shadow inv]

0028F3A4 00000000

[shadow tiny]

0028F3A4 3E800000

[shadow normal]

0028F3A4 3F800000


0028F3A4 40800000

[town invisi]

0052E9D0 00000000

[town tiny]

0052E9D0 3E800000

[town normal]

0052E9D0 3F800000

[town x4]

0052E9D0 40400000


0047E17C 40000000


0047E17C 3F800000

[fall on]

0047E31C 40000000

[fall off]

0047E31C 3F800000


0047E3F0 40400000


0047E3F0 3F800000


00551BC4 40400000


00551BC4 3F800000

[models wider on]

00567FF4 40400000

[models wider off]

00567FF4 3F800000

[head mod on]

00568064 40400000

[head mod off]

00568064 3F800000


005680F8 40000000


005680F8 3F800000(modificato)