May 24, 2020

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.10 - New MTK chips and UFS storage

и в догонку сразу выпустили пофиксенную версию 2.11

Пруфф на v2.10
Пруфф на фикс v2.10
Пруфф на v2.11

ChangeLog v2.10

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

NewChip: Helio G90T (Formely MT6785) supported (UFS / eMMC)
NewChip: MT6731 supported (eMMC / NAND)
NewChip: Helio A20 (Formely MT6761 low-cost revision) supported
NewChip: Helio P90 (Formely MT6779) support under test (UFS / eMMC)
BugFix : MT6595/MT6597 BROM support broken, fixed (Agent 17xx-19xx)

New Feature : UFS FlashIC support
!* Support flashing Factory / Infinity FW
!* Support MemoryTool
!* Support Factory Firmware reading
!* Support Service operations
!* SOC's on market, support UFS chips right now : G90, P70, P90

Changed : Repair security procedure updated (Flash and Meta mode)
Changed : SPUnlock procedure updated (Flash and Meta mode)
Changed : Identify procedure updated
Changed : Format FS / Reset FRP now support UFS flash too
New Feature : Modem Re-Init (NVfix)
!* Useful after FixBB, in case of modem subsystem alive

Firmware Reader
New Feature : UFS flash support
New Feature : Combo scatter creation for newest chipset
!* Produced scatter MAY NOT work with OLDER SPFT (factory flasher) below 19xx versions!
!* Produced scatter is 100% like factory ones
Changed : Improved structure identification
Changed : Support more different types
Changed : NAND support revised
Changed : LEGACY line support revised
Changed : Platform and version depend scatter creation for better compatibility with SPFT
Changed : LEGACY line with Android 9 (MT6580 and similar) specific changes

New Feature : UFS flash support
!* Support Read , Write , Erase partitions
!* Support RePartition
!* Support Preloader init
!* Support Change Work mode (ADR / PRT)
!* Change storage settings useless, all flash content mapped in single mode
Changed : Structure identification
Changed : Automatic files selection at folder change

New Feature : Support COMBO scatter's (
!* Automatic selection depend on device Flash (UFS/EMMC/NAND)
!* Storage selection done automatic according detected, for end-user all selection and rest settings remain same as before
New Feature : Support MTK chips with UFS FlashIC flashing
!* All features (Erase / Verify / PMT upgrade / Backup / HW Compatibility) work for devices with UFS as well
Changed : Scatter tab changes, specific to multi-storage selection and settings

Meta protocol functions updated
Changed : Updated security detection feature
BugFix : Updated structure verification

BugFix : A lot of minor changes and bugfixes applied
Changed: Many internal changes to improve compatibility with other applications, antiviruses and similar software.
Changed: Software load/operation speed improvements implemented

ChangeLog v2.11

BugFix : META protocol updated
Changed : Loader v2012 supported and tested

Changed : Identify in META now read NVRAM dump that is compatible with flash mode writing
!*Feature may not work on old devices - Android 4.x, MT6572 and similar legacy chips
!*Feature useful also for devices which can not connect via flash mode as security save way

Changed : Identify now also verify EXTRA security flags
!*Signed types detection ( RSA signed security items )
!*Encrypted types detection ( Vendor-modified security items )
!*Edit/Repair security on those types IS NOT possible at the moment !
!*Swap security on those types IS NOT possible at the moment !

New Feature : Google Attestation key installation
!*Allow upload attestation keys to devices which require it ( Google Key red mark in phone after complete boot )
!*In most cases it model-depend file!
!*SW DO NOT allow select wrong file ( non attestation-key file ) by verify content of file
!*Files in most cases delivered with factory fw package ( kb.bin , Android_Key and other similar )

Firmware Reader
Changed : Improved structure identification
Changed : Support more different types

Changed : File selection optimized for latest build revisions - multi-bundle etc.

Changed : Init PMT procedure updated (NAND, EMMC, UFS)
Changed : Init Preloader procedure updated (NAND, EMMC, UFS)

BugFix : Minor changes and bugfixes
BugFix : Compatibility issues fixes

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