February 12, 2019

MojoHeadz Records

MojoHeadz Records Review

We are the first music company focused on search of talents and growing them.

  • We grow talents
  • We help to achieve success
  • We create stars

Submiting your music to MojoHeadz Records, you can expect us to primarily evaluate the interesting idea and turn it into a real musical hit. Our vast experience in the musical business allows us to take on the most daring ideas, even if the sound of the demo does not meet generally accepted musical standards.

We sincerely believe that the attention of professionals can reveal the real stars, who will enrich the gold fund of the world music scene with their works.

Simply put, we are doing everything we can to make talented musicians commercially successful.

Musicians who achieve commercial success with our help will have the opportunity to develop further (concerts, magazines, radio, TV). We will find a suitable label or agent for the further development of the artist.

Simply put, we create stars and sell them to big labels.

That is how our label works. If that suits you, then welcome to our team!


Below you can submit your unsigned production. There are a few criteria that you have to take into account before submitting your demo:

- Don’t submit bootlegs, mash-ups or promos.

- You have to offer your demo exclusively to Mojoheadz Records, not to other labels.

- Private Soundcloud/Dropbox/WeTransfer links only.

- You may assume that once you’ve submitted the form, we have received your demo in good order and that our team will have a listen to your track. It’s useless to submit your track more than once, this will have the opposite effect.

We will contact you if we are interested in your production. If we haven’t contact you in 30 days, you are free to send your track to other dance & EDM labels.