High Quality Russia VPS & Dedicated Server Hosting

Russia VPS Server Hosting:

Russia VPSHostingoffers you the performance and the efficiency of high end dedicated servers while bringing down the costs of using these servers.

With 1 GB RAM, 1 core processor, 30 GB storage space and 1TB data transfer, a Russia VPSServercan host your site in the most efficient manner while running hosting businesses and more.

VPS or Virtual Private Servers available at Onlive Server come with dedicated resources. They run isolated operating systems like Centos, fedora, Debian, Suse, Ubuntu and Custom OS. There are varied operating system options and control panel alternatives provided for fulfilling the basic requirements of handling several applications. The options available in the category of control panel include C Panel, Plesk Panel, VestaCP, Kloxo MR and so on. Some of the most important features of VPS server hosting in Russiainclude control, administrator and root access, complete privacy, customization options and dedicated resources.

Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting

With managed VPS hosting in Russia, you get free control panel, web applications, host multiple domains, super fast SSD performing 20 times faster, 24/7 world class and ward winning support along with the maintenance of weekly backups. You also get to enjoy some of the most complimentary web hosting advantages with Online Server’s managed dedicated hosting in Russia.

Unmanaged VPS hosting is where the client has root level access to the management of all activities on the dedicated server such as software installations, security constraints, resource monitoring and more without any kind of special hosting support.

Understanding Dedicated Hosting Solutions in Russia:

Russia Dedicated Server is one of the best known solutions for hosting consumers who are in the look out of dedicated hosting functionalities but without the hassle of bearing huge expenses. These hosting plans come with root level access allowing the users to install all kinds of complicated software of their choice as if the VPS was a dedicated server. There are several advantages available to the users but without any major costs involved. The only thing that you need to do is make the choice of a plan that suits your requirement. You also have the option of configuring your very own Dedicated. This means that you will be paying for only what you require and are in the look out of.

The Hassel basedRussia Dedicated Serverhosting solutions are dependent on stable and powerful KVM Architecture hypervisors that support dedicated resources, stable performance and complete isolation to the virtual machine of the users. Bandwidth and network capabilities of 1000 GB on 500 Mbps are available not only in Kassel but in other data center locations as well.

Some frequently asked questions in this category are:

- What is the set-up time for Kassel based VPS servers?

The servers come with zero to few minutes of set-up time while offering 1000 GB bandwidth with 500 Mbps. Also, the servers come connected to 1 GBits uplink. The servers also make use of top quality server hardware.

- What kind of support is available?

Support staff and technical experts are always online. They carry out the task of monitoring the entire network in the most efficient manner.

- What are the different payment gateways that can be used for buying Russia VPS?

The different payment gateways that can be used for buying Russia VPS include Perfectmoney, Paypal, Bitcoin, Payza and Webmoney.

- What are the advantages of going for Russia VPS Plans?

At 1 GBits, the company takes good care of its consumers while providing top-of-the-line server hosting solutions. Apart from this, fast performance, 24/7 support, root or administration access and fast delivery are some features that come loaded with the VPS plans.

- Are VPS hosting plans in Russia affordable?

Yes, they are more affordable in comparison to dedicated server hosting.