Server setting

1. Register on the mult website
Go to the site at this link -
Click Create account-enter your email address (not from the Binance exchange) and a complex password-confirm registration at the post office - go to your account
2. In the Billing tab, pay $ 10 (for PRO with munscalper,$20)
3. in the Products tab, click ISO and add our windows image (if the link doesn't work, ask for a new one in the chat)

Link to the windows image:
4. Next, Products-Instances tab-click plus at the top right
5. In the first paragraph to select Tokyo.
In the second point, select our uploaded image. Upload ISO.
In the 3rd point, select the server for$ 10 or$20.
In the 7th point, write the name of the server (any). And we are waiting for the Status - Running server to be installed
6. In the Products tab, click on the server name – click on the top right View Console (computer icon). A windows window opens.

7. Click next until you enter the activation key. Enter the activation key (manually) - select the installation Type Custom (IMPORTANT!) - Then wait for the installation of windows.

8. Next, enter the windows password and make sure to write it down. The password must contain uppercase letters and numbers (for example: Botsila5)

9. Open windows (ctrl + alt + del) with the button at the top right.

10. In the pop-up window Network click No.

11. Next, wait for the Server Manager to open. Go to the Local Server and select IE Enhanced Security Configuration. Go in and check the boxes on OFF.

12. Go to Remote Desktop and click Allow remote connections to this computer. Click accept.

13. Minimize the Server Manager window.

14. Done

Next, we throw the bot to the server according to the instructions "connecting to the server".

Be sure to download the program and install it. To sync your computer's time with the Internet.

Additional information:

+ Enable two-factor authentication.

Account-Authentication-Setting up two-factor authentication.

Done. Everything is set up. Periodically check the server and the bot.