June 28, 2019

Are there any time limitations for storing embryos?

The atmosphere where we breathe contains a gas called nitrogen gas. The nitrogen gas makes near about 78% of our atmosphere. If the nitrogen gas is cooled, it becomes liquid having -1960C temperature. The infertility specialist in Hyderabad, working in the Motherhood fertility centre, the leading fertility centre in Hyderabad found that the liquid nitrogen is very much helpful for freezing the embryos. The tank where the embryos can be kept is just like a large thermos flask as it is vacuum lined. All the couples have designed storage spaces within a tank, where the eggs or embryos can be placed. The infertility specialist in Hyderabad put labels with precise and unique identifying information on the straws that contain embryos. The best Fertility Centers in Hyderabad always take care of all this information. Now Motherhood fertility centre is also becoming the best Infertility Hospital in Hyderabad providing the best Infertility Treatment in Hyderabad. The tanks which contain frozen embryos are monitored by the infertility specialist in Hyderabad 7 days a week because each tank needs a physical inspection daily. The quantity of liquid nitrogen in the tank is assessed as a cause of monitoring for a possible slow leak or failure of an impending tank. In the fertility centre in Hyderabad, the liquid nitrogen is topped up daily because it evaporates slowly in a continuous process.In our fertility centre in Hyderabad, the electronic tank utilizes several sensors to ensure that the tanks are performing to specifications or not. The probes which are attached to those tanks detect a rise in temperature within the tank or a drop in the level of liquid nitrogen in the tank. The sensors used in the tanks are connected to a telephone alarm system which will alert staff to an alarm condition outside of normal working hours.  The telephone alert system is a very complicated monitoring device. It needs several infertility specialists to be contactable at any given time and calls as well as recalls every person in turn until somebody responds to that alarm system. We aim to have an infertility specialist in the lab no more than half an hour after the alarm is set off. Weekly, the alarm system is tested and continues to run on battery power in the event of a power failure. Our alarm system can be checked by remote also.  No one has proper knowledge about what the maximum storage period of the embryos. But according to our infertility specialist in Hyderabad, the procedures for human embryo freezing were developed in the year 1984 and only went into widespread utilization in the late 1980s. This means that the maximum time a human embryo can be stored for 25-30 years and, typically, the couples what they have left embryos in the storage for this long are not coming back for them. Some couples have come back after 10-15 years and the embryos have been thawed successfully in our fertility centre. Beyond this time frame, we don't know how long an embryo can be kept, but it might be possible that keeping in liquid nitrogen, an embryo may be viable indefinitely.

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