September 24, 2021

AXELAR. Exercise 5.


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Axelar chainode:

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Sending tokens from Axelar Network to Ethereum

1. Check that you have balances on your account

Note [key-name] mentioned in this exercise can be the key name you used in Exercise 3. The address associated with the key name is funded, and you suppose to have some satoshi and uphoton:

axelard q bank balances $(axelard keys show [key-name] -a)

if that didn't work and you get an error, try the following one (without brackets):

axelard q bank balances [axelar address]

expected result (volumes may differ):

- amount: "10000"
denom: satoshi
- amount: "1000000"
denom: uaxl
- amount: "1000000"
denom: ibc/287EE075B7AADDEB240AFE74FA2108CDACA50A7CCD013FA4C1FCD142AFA9CA9A

2. Create a deposit address on Axelar Network (to which you'll deposit coins later)

[token] is one of uaxl, satoshi, and uphoton

[Ethereum Ropsten receipent address] is the address you want to receive the tokens to

axelard tx axelarnet link ethereum [Ethereum Ropsten receipent address] [token] --from [key-name]

my example:

axelard tx axelarnet link ethereum 0x9371844a81505742655f706616EE9828aC7a020E uphoton --from [key-name]