March 2, 2020

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Global Heavy Duty Bags & Sacks Market: Overview

The heavy duty bags and sacks market has prospered on the back of advent of promising formulations used for damage-resistant, durable packaging for numerous industries. High-performance polyethylene (PE) polymers have been popularly used in these packaging materials. Heavy duty bags and sacks are extensively demanded for packaging applications in agriculture, food, chemicals and fertilizer, building and construction, and automotive. Packaging products that meet the transportation needs of the end-use industries are gathering traction in the heavy duty bags and sacks market.

The heavy duty bags and sacks market has seen an array of paper and polymer materials used for packaging with excellent mechanical properties such as high tensile strength, low-weight, and optical properties. Key plastic materials used are HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, polystyrene, and PP. Of these, LDPE and HDPE have been the materials of choice for packaging industries in order to meet the varying needs of end-use industries.

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Global Heavy Duty Bags & Sacks Market: Growth Dynamics

Rapidly growing intercontinental trade in several parts of the world has spurred the demand for heavy duty shipping bags and sacks, thereby boosting the heavy duty bags and sacks market. The market has witnessed product development avenues from the growing need for cost-effective and durable packaging for the rising transportation of goods. In particular, demands for heavy duty bags and sacks have risen for packaging of petrochemicals, fertilizers, and food products in various industrialized nations around the world.

Over the past few years, packaging industries have been relentlessly seeking polymers with high performance and machining attributes to serve the needs of end-use industries in the heavy duty bags and sacks market. Advances in processed technologies and the advent of catalysts have been helping them in their initiatives. Use of better co-extrusion processes has also imparted a large momentum to the expansion to the heavy duty bags and sacks market. The search for versatile polymers is likely to pave way to new avenues in the market.

Global Heavy Duty Bags & Sacks Market: Notable Developments

Several manufacturers in the heavy duty bags and sacks market are entering into strategic mergers and acquisitions. Further, a few players are also entering into strategies for consolidating their geographical expansions. Many players in recent years have been adopting novel extrusion technologies for processing high-performance materials and rich formulations to develop heavy duty bags and sacks. A case in point is the use of plastic extrusion line. Top players in the heavy duty bags and sacks market have in recent years unveiled packaging with outstanding creep resistance and impact resistance. Of note, they are aiming at manufacturing processes with a balance of downgauging potential and increased line speeds.

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Two key attributes that are in key focus for most vendors are cost factor and environmental sustainability. Some of the prominent players operating in the heavy duty bags and sacks market are:

  • Nihon Matai Co.
  • Seevent Plastics Ltd.
  • Wooderson Packaging Ltd
  • Segezha Group LLC
  • Muscat Polymers Pvt. Ltd
  • ProAmpac LLC
  • Berry Global, Inc.
  • Sonoco Products Company