Automotive Oil Sump Market Competitive Landscape and Forecast by 2027

Global Automotive Oil Sump Market: Introduction

  • Material technology and design of the oil sump is gradually evolving to cater to the demand for fuel-efficient vehicles. Trend of using plastics and composites in the oil sump is increasing, as complex, intricate shapes and designs can be manufactured at low cost by using plastics and composites.
  • The oil sump or oil pan is a tray that covers the lower part of the engine and contains the oil required for the engine oil. The oil sump also performs the function of cooling and defoaming the heated oil.

Key Drivers and Restraints of Global Automotive Oil Sump Market

  • Rise in demand for personal transport worldwide is driving the sales of passenger vehicles globally, which in turn is boosting the automotive oil sump market. Expansion of the auto industry in Mexico, Brazil, and India is projected to boost the automotive oil sump market in these countries. Rising sales of SUVs and hatchbacks and easy availability of various financing options are estimated to boost the demand for vehicles and subsequently, drive the automotive oil sump market.
  • Rising demand from automakers for compact and lightweight designs is fueling the sales of plastic oil sumps, which in turn is estimated to drive the automotive oil sump market. Increasing stringency of emissions regulations across the globe and rising consumer awareness about fuel economy have led to the development of the light weight oil sumps.
  • Adoption of battery electric vehicles is likely to hamper the automotive oil sump market, as the absence of internal combustion engine in an electric vehicle eliminates the need for engine lubrication. However, lubrication of transmission and motor would still be required and hence, the oil sump is not expected to be replaced entirely.

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Non-structural oil sump segment to expand significantly

  • The structural oil pan segment is estimated to hold a leading share; however, the non-structural oil sump segment is anticipated to expand significantly during the forecast period. The non-structural oil sump is made of two pieces - a stamped steel lower piece and a cast aluminum upper part, which lowers oil vapor and reduces the weight and cost.

Plastic oil sump segment to witness considerable expansion

  • Aluminum and steel oil sump segments held leading shares of the automotive oil sump market in 2018, due to higher preference and extensive use of these sumps in vehicles. The plastic oil sump segment is projected to expand considerably during the forecast period, owing to significantly high demand for plastic sump as the auto industry shifts toward the adoption of fuel-efficient vehicles.

Passenger vehicle segment to hold leading share of the automotive oil sump market

  • Based on vehicle type, the passenger vehicle segment is estimated to dominate the automotive oil sump market during the forecast period, owing to their higher production volumes of passenger vehicles. Rising sales of passenger vehicles in developing countries is anticipated to further drive the demand for oil sumps in passenger vehicles.

Aftermarket segment to account for notable share of automotive oil sump market

  • The oil sump being located in the undercarriage of the vehicle is subject to corrosion from water and road salts, abrasion due to stone, gravel, and dust. Consequently, it requires replacement in case of an oil leak. Therefore, the aftermarket segment holds a leading share of the automotive oil sump market.

Asia Pacific to lead global automotive oil sump market

  • In terms of region, the global automotive oil sump market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
  • Asia Pacific leads the global automotive oil sump market owing to the emergence of China as leading producer of the vehicles globally. Asia Pacific is followed by Europe and North America, which hold significant shares of the global market. The market in Latin America is estimated to expand significantly owing to rising vehicle production in Mexico and Brazil.

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