January 23, 2021


Hello! My friends.

Today you will learn about the Telegraph. And I’m happy about that. I will explain this topic through pictures.

Step 1 :

You open the Chrome browser on the phone and search as shown. For example, "".

Step 2 :

A window will open as shown.

Step 3 :

Look at this image.

Indicator 1: You write the title.ook at this image.

Indicator 2: Enter your name.

Indicator 3: You write what you want to write.

Indicator 4: You print your text.

Finally step :

If you want to insert an image into the text, see the image below.

When you press this button, you will see something like the picture below.

Press the button as shown in the picture. Then you go to the following state.

In your case, the pictures will be yours.

When you print the text, the following situation will appear.

Then you click on the button in the image below.

You send it to Telegram as shown in the picture above.

And the text is ready.

If you do everything right, so will you.

Thank you for your attention!