August 21, 2020


Lead your team with Microsoft Office in COVID-19 - A War could have been easier, but fighting this enemy is harder, Corona Virus 2019 known by the name COVID-19 is one of the biggest outbreaks in a few decades. This virus has taken all over the world and is one of the worst things possibly seen around the globe.

With Countries locking down to prevent the spread of covid-19, some countries have taken effective measures in taking control over the spread of COVID-19. With everyone contributing to this, and some countries donating to the prevention cause and some people helping the other way.

Microsoft Office on the other hand is help people grow despite the fact that most of them are going through tough times. People have been facing lockdown for months now and people have started to improvise and adapt by using software’s like Microsoft Office to work from Home and Microsoft has taken arms against COVID by providing free access to most of its Office application so that people can work from home.

Skype being used most and under the name Office is one of the best applications for video conferencing and is used by world leaders for virtual conferences and calls, as skype provides us with the medium to communicate like no other.

There are many tools that people use to lead there team but here are some of our best office tools used to manage teams and project management.

As you know Microsoft Office 365 is cloud based and you can manage your subscription from one single account. So all you need to do is to make an account from where you can manage all your team subscriptions and you will be able to add or remove as your choice.

You can also use all the other applications that come in Microsoft office suite to lead your team in times of COVID-19. You can use Microsoft Teams to arrange and manage tasks and assignments to your team and interact with your team whenever you want to. Microsoft Teams is not just available on your Windows or MAC computer but also on all other devices including your Mobile and Tablet. You can also manage your data from any Office application by simply putting the data at one place on One Drive and providing access to the people you want in, Your team. There are a lot of things that can be done with Microsoft Office suites and you can make better use of it while we are going through this pandemic.