How to trade?

Very often to me such question arrives.

I was never engaged in similar. May I earn at the same time and whether it is difficult to understand?

In Privat the channel there are about 90% of beginners who do not know what is trading and trade in a crypt. But it does not prevent to earn daily by means of signals. All you need to do is it to choose currency pair which I specify, to expose closing-time of the transaction and to choose increase or decline in the rate. After the expiration of time (15-30 minutes) of closing of the transaction you get 70-90% of profit. Everything is extremely simple. Withdrawal of funds happens within 1 working day of day.

Give in more detail

What is signals - it is certain forecasts for the direction of a rate of cryptocurrencies and currency pairs. Roughly speaking I give the forecast and you at once need to rely on this or that currency, in this or that direction (increase or decline in the rate). In case the signal comes true, you get up to 90% of net profit of the amount of transaction if you are not present, then respectively the amount of transaction burns down (for this reason I recommend to open transactions on 5-10% of the sum of your balance).

Where I publish signals - all signals are published in our closed channel to get to it it is necessary to satisfy conditions - the reference. Daily I fix time of a trading session on which I publish till 4-10 a signal.

What to do with these signals and as to earn from them - everything simply. I tell what time of an expiration (time when the transaction will be closed) it is necessary to expose on trading floor, also I report on what currency or couple we open the transaction and also the direction of a course, up or down.

Then you choose the necessary currency which I specified, expose time which I specified, enter the amount of transaction of 5-10% from the capital and open the transaction on the button up or down (on my signal). Only 10-15 seconds leave therefore it is important to watch fixedly during the session the publication of signals.

That's all, on the expiration of time of an expiration (15-30 minutes) the transaction is closed and in case of positive result to you profit is charged. It is possible to withdraw money at any moment of the working day.

As you already understood, it is not obligatory to understand the technical analysis etc., I am engaged in it.