October 16, 2018

In what my benefit?

All hello, friends.

As I also spoke earlier, the most part of signals which I publish at myself on the channel is purchased. By the way, on qualitative platforms the cost of subscriptions to signals reaches 500-1000 dollars a week/month. Respectively on such platforms I buy subscriptions and I leak information in a closed channel.

  • But from here comes up a question, what sense to me to publish free of charge?

As all can see, when pressing trading floor you follow my affiliate link and at registration you automatically become my partner.

  • Further from each active trader I receive the fixed amount of remuneration. I want to emphasize that the sum is fixed and only for the active trader who carried out enough time on trading floor. Respectively on my behalf, that subscribers приват the channel did not merge the blood 10 dollars in the first day, and remained in long-term plus.

I spend the money received from the loyalty program for purchase of paid subscriptions and also development of the channel that provides mutually beneficial cooperation.

P.S Now in Telegram many channels which are also engaged in trading were started, but they trade in such brokers as an Olympus a trade, a binomial, iqoptions. Ask why these brokers? Everything is simple. They draw interest from loss of the partners. For this reason they often urge to trade for the large sums and to use dogona which will lead to discharge of a deposit sooner or later.

Therefore if you see that someone advises to pour as much as possible and also uses dogona (martingeyly), I advise 100 times to think whether it is worth cooperating with such person and to use his signals. It is not a sneer company as I do not specify concrete channels, and a simple nasterezheniye. Be vigilant