Best quality Sofa Repair Service Number 1

Are you looking for a leather sofa seat dressing service or a sofa repair in singapore? If yes, please check here by contacting us through the website at we serve the repair of damaged sofas, or want to replace the fabric of the new sofa, various models of cloth sofa to make a sofa in your home quite easy once.

Jiaxing Furniture is one of the best and trusted sofa fabric coating provider is already 10 years operating in the repair of sofa. Here we accept and serve the repair couch, mattress, sofa Sprimbet, service couch, repair couch, and renovation sofa to restore the condition of the couch in your home become new again even nicer than when buying a new couch.
Here is the Sofa repair that we can offer as follows:

Leather Sofa Dressing Services (Genuine Leather, semi leather)
Sofa Cloth Change Services
Add Foam Sofa
Replace Spring Sofa, Webbing and Dakron
Sofa bearing Making
Sofa Frame Repair If there is damage
Furniture Refinishing Services
Sofa Leg Change
Change Model couch, etc.

Jiaxing has been experienced since 2001, of course, 9 years experience working on various workmanship projects ranging from sofa making to sofa repair in Singapore. Starting from the home Couch, office, restaurant/café, to the sofa for the hotel we have been working with full commitment.

We provide a variety of collections of sofa coating materials ranging from genuine leather, fabric, suede, Bludru, Sunbrella, cotton, synthetic leather, cotton, exterior fabric and many more. Ranging from imported materials and local materials. Even supported by experienced energy and pelicans professional in the manufacture and modification of various types of sofas make so we can confidently help you back and beauty on your couch.

Jiaxing is one of the pride representations of a room that provides sofa service, so you don't have to buy a new couch. Therefore, if you want to get a sofa you can also go through this site, because it is both genuine leather, Oscar, or fabric with a relatively affordable price, you can contact us whenever you want, we are always ready to receive a call to change the sofa coating here yes.

If you want to buy a variety of online Sofa repair products complete with ease, fast & safe in also can through Jiaxing. You can find sofa repair services from all over Singapore nearest to your current region & location. In addition, you can also check the latest prices of repair sofas and sorted from the cheapest prices!

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