November 21, 2019

PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND Hack MOD Money/ Everything Unlocked Android iOS

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Azur Interactive Games Limited is another big and reputable game producer when their products are known or interested in many players. Until now, they have obtained dozens of successful products and released on Google Play. These games always have a very high turnover thanks to the fact that it meets the market’s needs in terms of genre and quality. You can visit their game store; you can immediately realize that most of them are action-fighting games. Shooting games and even military-related content are available in their game store, making it a gathering place for battle enthusiasts as well as a thrill and adventure.


is one of this publisher’s most successful products since it has achieved more than 10 million downloads.

This is a 3D designed shooter game! Players will join new battlefields of simple visual designs. Even its gameplay is not too new. But it does give sympathy to the players because this product has a combination of the two most attractive types at the present time. The Battle Ground and Block Pixel are really two golden eggs of the game industry. “PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND” has worked well for success. This is not too strange.

Like many other products of the same genre, it puts players in a tough situation when the world has just taken the apocalypse. Everything is destroyed, and people are falling into one of the hardest things they have ever known in their lives. It is at this moment that forces them to use all the resources they have to try to survive. More than two dozen people will plunge into a real battle to find out who is the one who deserves the victory to the end and gets the rewards for his life.

Pixel Battle Royale FPS Shooter

Game set in Block City is one of the most mysterious places in the world. Around this city will be surrounded by a lot of rugged hills and mountains, it is even called the Death Zone. If you want to reach the arena, you will have to board a helicopter and be taken there manually. Once you reach that position, you must definitely parachute down and choose the landing-place wisely. Search for the best loot and fight the enemy almost everything that you have to do here. But never lose your guard with the shrinking zone when it causes you to lose blood quickly. It is absurd not to be killed by the enemy and automatically remove me from the game. Become the last survivor.

Although the game uses simple graphics and image design has been optimized, when it has a lot of costumes for players to diversify their styles. This is entirely understandable when the demand for individual players is also very high. Expressing yourself and winning is always the feeling of bringing excitement to players. In addition, the graphics have been optimized for weak phones. Even if you are using older smartphones and have a less powerful processor, “PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND” can still work smoothly. Moreover, you can also upgrade the image settings to full HD; everything still operates gently and vigorously.Participating in a military-designed game and fighting, weapons are definitely the most crucial factor. More than 30 different weapons later so you can choose and customize your tactics. AK, pixel gun, smg, multiple-barrel, and other weapons will participate in your battle, against different enemies, you should use different weapons to create good combat effectiveness. Moreover, the means of moving in the game are also extremely diverse. You may become agile with military cars, or sometimes need the rigidity of a tank. All of them are very supportive of the battle process. Moreover, this game also designed with a sliding controller and easy to get to know, almost just a copy of a standard controller only. Some minor customization of skill manipulation, you need to participate in the game to remember. The extensive map also allows players to immerse themselves in robust and complicated matches that require patience as well as top-notch gaming techniques.