May 4, 2020

The 4+ Best Foods To Eat Before Bed!

Deep sleep is very important to maintain general health, as it reduces the increase of some chronic diseases and maintains the health of the brain and digestive system and enhances the immune system.

List some of the foods you can eat before bed to improve it:

1- Fatty Fish:

Like salmon, tuna, trout and mackerel, they are extremely healthy. What makes it unique is its exceptional vitamin D content as 100 grams of salmon contain 525 to 990 IU of vitamin D, more than 50% of your daily need. In addition, fatty fish contain omega-3 amino acids, especially EPA and DHA, both of which are known to reduce inflammation and omega-3 amino acids protect against heart disease and enhance brain health.

The amino acid complex, omega-3 and vitamin D, may increase the chance of promoting sleep. Both increase the production of seroconin and chemicals in the brain that improve sleep. In one study, it was found that people who eat 300 grams of Atlantic salmon three times a week for six months have sleep faster about 10 minutes than people who eat chicken, beef or pork. Thanks to the vitamin D contained in salmon, which is a fish that has a high content of it. Eating some types of fish before bed may help them sleep faster and deeper, but that needs more research to give a definite result on the ability of fish to promote sleep. Benefits of organic food for the body

Summary: Fatty fish is a great source of Vitamin D and omega-3 amino acids as they both have properties that may help improve sleep.

2- Walnut:

It is known nuts and is rich in nutrients and provides more than 19 vitamins and minerals in addition to two grams of fiber in one ounce. Walnuts are especially rich in magnesium, phosphorous, copper and manganese, in addition to being a great source of healthy fats, including omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid. They also contain 4 grams of protein in one ounce, which helps reduce appetite. Walnut also promotes heart health and more than that, walnut promotes sleep because it is one of the best sources of melatonin, the sleep-regulating hormone.

Also, the fatty acids contained in nuts help to promote sleep, as it contains ALA, the omega-3 fatty acid, which is converted into DHA, which increases the production of serotonin, a chemical from the brain that promotes sleep. Unfortunately, there is little evidence to say that nuts improve sleep and in fact there are no studies that specifically focus on the role of nuts in promoting sleep. Regardless, if you have trouble sleeping, eating a little nuts before bed may help.

Summary: Walnuts have some properties that may promote sleep because they contain melatonin and healthy fats.

3- Passionflower Tea:

It is a well-known herbal tea that has been used for many years to treat a number of health ailments. It is a rich source of flavonoids, which are known to reduce inflammation, enhance immune health and reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition to its ability to reduce anxiety. This is because it contains apigenin and is an antioxidant that produces a sedative effect by binding to specific receptors in the brain. There is also some evidence that drinking passionflower tea increases the production of GABA, a chemical in the brain that works to suppress other chemicals in the brain that stimulate stress, such as glutamate. Where Is The HEART Located

One of the characteristics of Passiflora tea is to promote drowsiness, so it is beneficial to drink it before bed. In a seven-day study, 41 adults drank a cup of passionflower tea before bed. They rated their sleep quality better after drinking tea compared to the previous. Passionflower tea needs more research to confirm its ability to promote sleep, but it is definitely worth a try if you want to improve the quality of your sleep.

Summary: Passionflower Tea affects sleep due to its anti-oxidant apigenin content as well as its ability to increase GABA production.

4- White rice:

It is widely used in many countries. The main difference between white and brown rice is that white rice has been removed from its bran and pulp, which reduces fiber, nutrients and antioxidants. However, white rice still contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals. As 100 grams of white rice contains 14% of your daily need of folic acid, 11% of thiamine, and 24% of manganese.

It also contains a high percentage of carbohydrates (28 grams in 100 grams). These carbohydrates and the lack of fiber contribute to the high blood sugar index, which is a measure of how fast food increases blood sugar. Eating foods that increase the glycemic index such as white rice a few hours before sleep helps improve sleep quality, most likely because carbohydrates contain the amino acid tryptophan that stimulates sleep. Not only does tryptophan stimulate drowsiness, but it also helps increase serotonin levels in the brain, which is important for regulating sleep. How To GROW Your Eyelashes Fast

In one study, sleep habits of 1,848 people were compared based on eating white rice, bread or pasta. So sleep was better for rice eaters for a longer period. It is also mentioned that white rice may be more effective at improving sleep if consumed at least 1 hour before bed. Although white rice may help sleep, it is best consumed in moderation because of its lack of fiber and nutrients.

Summary: It may be beneficial to eat white rice before bed because of the high blood glucose index and its tryptophan content. Both are sleep-enhancing properties.

Other Foods that may promote sleep:

There are many foods that improve sleep, but their effects on sleep are not specifically studied.

The Milk:

Another known source of tryptophan, it has been shown that milk improves sleep in the elderly. And specials when taking escort Melatonin in addition to exercising.

The Banana:

Contains tryptophan and is a good source of magnesium. All this helps you sleep a good night.


Similar to rice, oatmeal contains a high percentage of carbohydrates, which stimulates drowsiness when eating before bed, in addition to oats a known source of melatonin.

Quraish cheese:

Contains a large amount of casein and is a milk protein well known for repairing muscles very quickly and helps in growth when consumed before bed.


It is the source of lactocarium, which is a fluid that is believed to have calming properties that affect sleep. Best Weight Loss Diets

Summary: Many foods have known properties to improve sleep, but their role is limited and not supported by scientific evidence.


Getting enough sleep is very important to health. Fortunately, many foods may help with this thanks to their content of sleep hormones and the regulation of chemicals in the brain, including melatonin and serotonin.

In addition, some foods contain high amounts of antioxidants and specific food items such as magnesium, which are known to enhance sleep by helping you sleep faster or stay asleep longer.

To reap the benefits of sleep-promoting foods, it is best to consume them 2-3 hours before bed. This is because eating right before bed may cause digestive problems, such as acid reflux.

In general, more research is necessary to extract the specific role that foods play in promoting sleep, but their known effects are very promising.

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