Top 5 Ways to Make Landing Pages More Attractive

Businesses all over the world are increasingly adopting the online route to advertise their products. One of the important aspects of such online marketing campaigns is the effective use of landing pages. The key motive behind a landing page is to drive visitors down the conversion funnel. Also, on average, a landing page possesses a higher conversion rate in comparison to blogs or generic pages. Hence, it is of utmost importance to have a faultless landing page for your website.

As a majority of business houses operate under a limited marketing budget, implementing the right ways to develop an attractive landing page is crucial. Read below to find out the top ways by which you can create an effective and attractive landing page for your business.

1. Make it simple

For a good landing page, one must follow the concept of simplicity and present information discreetly. Utilize plain and simple design which directs your visitors towards your product and the key areas of focus.

Select a tagline with big fonts, enabling your viewers to read clearly and conveying what your page is about at a glance. Incorporate blocks as most of the visitors would scroll down to look out for more information.

It would also be good if you can adjust your landing page following different resolutions so that people with older monitors or phones could view the content.

2. Resounding Call to Action

Provide a charming and clickable call-to-action button to inspire people to buy, register, or undertake any other action. One can even place the button either on top or at the bottom of the page so that viewers won’t have to scroll and search for the bottom. You can also make them colorful or incorporate simulations, enhancing the impression your brand wants to the layout.

However, ensure that the message included in your CTA button and the heading of your page resembles. Minimize or abolish any sort of confusion and stand on what you have promised in your CTA so that you won’t lose your visitor’s trust.

3. Designing and user-friendliness

The graphic reasoning of your website can help to attract many visitors. Using alluring content and imagery could be fruitful, but they can hinder your page response time. Your viewers need to have a smooth encounter with your website regardless of the medium they use. Not doing so could result in your visitors moving somewhere else where the loading time is less.

4. Promote social sharing

Offering a sharing button for notable social media sites could fulfill your conversion goals. Incorporating the like button of Facebook or tweet button for Twitter could let people share your page with their network. Also, it could add an entry to your timeline, and allow you to send a link to the page to your friends. Such social sharing buttons have become word-of-mouth advertising options for companies.

5. Utilize A/B testing

After you have completed the creation part for your landing page, then your focus must shift towards testing. Conducting A/B testing is essential if you truly require conversions to take place. It helps to checks what section of the landing page better results in more clicks and less bounce rate. Moreover, it gives you the prospect to revise the landing page accordingly.

While conducting an A/B test, one can notice which version produces better engagement, and which requires more attention. Ensure you engage in continued testing, to know if you are serving the most optimal content for your audience.


By executing the above 5 golden tips, you can help your landing page look more attractive and enhance its conversion potential. You can even further learn about various ways to optimize a landing page by joining the best digital marketing course in delhi.